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Free Download Candy Crush Saga for PC (Windows 10/8/7/XP) or Mac

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In this new post, we will describe in detail about Candy Crush Saga and its features, and apart of it, we will guide you how to download Candy Crush Saga for PC and play online as well.

Have you ever desired to visit and open your Facebook account because of your nagging interest the Candy Crush Saga game ? Well, you are not the only one who is feeling that way since apparently, almost majority of Facebook users is also feeling the same way.

One of the thousands of games that can be played at Facebook is the Candy Crush Saga game. It is one of the thousands of games that became an instant to users from the time it was launched and ready to be played by interested players. Due to the enjoying and exciting time that users can feel while playing the game, aside from how colorful this game is, it is no longer a surprise why there are already a lot of individuals who got addicted with this game. Some of you may feel sad if you know that it is already time for you to log out on your Facebook account since that means that it also time to stop playing the game. But, you do not have to worry since the Candy Crush game can already be downloaded in your Android phone, iPad and Smartphones and here we are going to explain that how to download Candy Crush Saga for PC.

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If you own at least one of those gadgets, then you are lucky since you already got the chance to play Candy Crush Saga wherever you are and whenever you want without event the need to sign in on your FB account.

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Before further discussing your luckiness of being given the opportunity to access and play the game, the reasons why this game must be discussed first.


What is Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush Saga is one of the games that became a hit during the time that it was launched. It is a puzzle game in which the player is required to switch pieces of sweet candy so that a minimum of 3 candies will be formed. Once the player is able to do that, the row of same candies will vanish, and you will be required to repeat the same actions again until you completed the level. After completing the level, the player will get the chance to play the next one. The entire game is well-designed with matching upbeat music and colorful featured candies.


If you are addicted in playing this game, you probably already know that only has limited lives. For those who are interested to know about and play this game, the lives are only limited. It means that after you lose the game, you will not be able to try it again. For you to play the level again, you would have to wait until the time you got the chance to do so. In this game, you can unlock several bonus rounds, but you are required to pay for it.

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Features of Candy Crush Saga Game

Let’s check the features of Free Candy Crush Sage game.

  • The game includes approx 400 exciting levels which are distinctive and divided in chapters.
  • The game is incorporated with tasty candy graphics, delicious environment and sweetest characters, and of course these things will raise your hunger.
  • You get useful magical boosters in the game that becomes helpful for challenging levels.
  • You can easily sign in with your Facebook profile to share your score with your friends.

Candy Crush Saga Free Download for PC

You have simply played Candy Crush Saga on Android, iOS, windows etc., but here we are going to reveal a method which will let you to play Candy Crush Saga on PC. You just need to follow the step by step procedure in order to download Candy Crush Saga for PC.

  • 1. At the initial step, you need to install Bluestacks that is an Android Emulator, allows running any Android app on PC. So, download it from this link.
  • 2. Once the downloading gets over, begin the installation following the screen instructions.
  • 3. When you complete the installation part, go the desktop and open the App player.
  • 4. Look for ‘Candy Crush Saga’ using the search bar. Once you get the game in search result, click on the install button.
  • 5. It takes just few moments to get installed on PC.
  • 6. Now the procedure is ended and you can play Candy Crush Saga going in apps.

Thus, you will be able to download Candy Crush Saga for PC without any glitch, but don’t skip any step while installing the game.

Reasons Why You Should Download Candy Crush Saga for PC

The very first reason why you should consider downloading this game is because it is 100% free. Yes, it is free! You only have to own your PC or laptop, install Bluestacks, search for the game app and download it. You can also learn how to run Android apps on your PC by visiting (Apps for PC) Once you do, you can already play your favorite game all the time. Also, if you love puzzle games and looking at moving colorful candy pieces and letting them vanish, then you will surely love this game, too since that is the game is played.

How to Play Candy Crush Saga game online ?

If you want to play Candy Crush Saga online, then you must visit following site. You just need to sign-up for playing the game.

Play Online Candy Crush Saga Game.. Click here


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