Top 10 Email Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Email is one of the oldest existing modes of internet communication. Although old, but email still manages to be a quite popular mode of communication. The email experience has evolved over the years, but the basic process and use of emails remains the same. Also, technological advancement has led to a rapid increase in the use of smartphones in work life. Most of the smartphones come with default email clients that are not sufficient enough for meeting the requirements of people. Although, there are numerous email applications for Android users, but here we have listed some of the best email apps that will certainly help you in choosing the best email app as per your requirements.

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Top 10 Email Apps for Android

Aqua Mail


Aqua Mail is one of the best email apps for Android that comes with simplicity in its design. The folders and inboxes are quite easy to browse along with their color- coded labels. This app also offers supports to clearly identifiable action buttons and swipe gestures that make forwarding, replying and deleting emails pretty simple. Aqua Mail extends support to different third part email clients like Yahoo, GMX, FastMail, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, iCloud and many more. It even integrates with OAUTH2, IMAP, Office 365 and supports Light Flow, Tasker and other apps too. The pro variant of the app enables the user to set up more than 2 email accounts and eliminate promo signature from sent emails.



Mailbox is certainly a new competitor among the best email apps for Android users. Mailbox comprises of all the features that makes it a reliable email client for users. It features a user friendly interface which is entirely based on swipes and gestures for general navigation. It enables the user to receive, send, archive and trash messages and even allows browsing the inbox folders and creating lists. In addition, mailbox checks all the data in the cloud for any possible malware and viruses before downloading any data to your device. The advanced algorithms used in Mailbox allow it to automatically learn the user’s preferences and categorize the incoming messages based upon user’s past actions. It extends support to iCloud and Gmail accounts.

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cloudmagic app-techpanorma

CloudMagic is one of the best email apps for Android that comes with certain visual improvements as compared to the default email clients. It houses a good user interface for tablets as well as smartphones. It extends support to multiple accounts such as Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, IMAP, Yahoo Mail, Office 365 and iCloud. It also provides basic integration with third party services like Evernote, Pocket, Mailchimp, Asana, Zendesk, and a lot more that helps in seamlessly including your emails with workflow. This app also allows you to directly create a new note in Evernote or save a link to Pocket that enables the user to work conveniently without switching between different apps and accounts. That’s why I added it to the list of best email apps for Android tablet and phone.

Email for Exchange- Mail Wise


Mail Wise is another amazing email app for Android. This is a free of cost email app that transforms your messy emails into neat and clean conversations. The app even offer support to multiple accounts like Gmail, Hotmail, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, MSN, GMX, IMAP, Outlook and many more.  This app offers several features like ActiveSync, conversation mode, calendar sync and grouped repetitive emails to make things easy for the users. This app does not comprise of any mail server so the possibility of data getting leaked is minimal. Also, the data is stored on the user’s device locally that keeps the data safe and secure. This is the best exchange email app for Android.



myMail is one of the best email app for Android that features a user friendly interface that comprises of icons and avatars for your colleagues and friends, which is quite handy and easy in use. myMail is a popular email client that extends support to many third party email clients like Apple, AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. It comprises of inbuilt image and file browser, multiple account support, instant search accompanied by active phrase suggestions and different tweaks designed to speed up and simplify your email experience.

K-9 Mail

k-9 mail-techpanorma

K-9 Mail is one of the oldest existing email apps for Android that has managed to remain quite popular for years. If you are not among those who like rounded buttons and colorful interfaces, then K-9 Mail is probably the best email app for you. K-9 Mail was basically designed keeping in mind the functionality and productivity. It enables the user to manage and synchronize multiple folders, save emails to SD card, set different signatures for each account, flag messages and much more. The app offers support for POP3, Exchange 2003/2007 and IMAP accounts.

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we-mail android app-techpanorma
WeMail is the latest addition to the list of the best email clients for Android. WeMail came up with certain unique ideas and was launched in late 2014. The chief feature of this app is its interface. It makes use of a modified Material Design, displays emails in a messaging format and sorts all the emails by the sender in a systematic manner. You can also separately search for attachments and messages. Some other features of the app are one- touch voice mails and instant access to all the sent and received files. It extends support to Gmail, AOL, Outlook, and Yahoo.


gmail android app-techpanorma

Gmail is one app for all your email, and comes with latest design and features. The app is the best email app for Android and lets you quick switching between inbox and accounts.  If your device runs on latest Android 5.0 Lollipop, you will find additional enhancements like hiding sensitive lockscreen notification. Google brings regular updates for it and recent update includes Microsoft office support, managing of multiple accounts etc. It has simple interface, but comprises all advance options. The people who are already using Gmail account, just need to sign in details for using it.

Type Mail (Blue Mail)


Type Mail formerly known as Blue Mail is another fantastic email app for Android, which supports all email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, outlook, Yandex, Ymail, iCloud, GMX, Office 365, Apple mail, Hushmail etc. Type Mail has simple user interface like AOSP Email, but provides extraordinary customization features. You can set hours, if you don’t want to receive e-mail notifications, configurable menus and more. Some security features also make it more valuable than others.



Yahoo Mail is the best for those who use yahoo accounts, because it doesn’t support other mail accounts. The app has integrated news section in with emails so you can read the news also while checking your mails. Yahoo mail users can do more here than they could do with other apps. You would never face out of storage issue because it gives 1000 GB of free space. It is faster in searching, and capable to attach or send photos while composing mail.

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