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Free Download SHAREit for PC (Windows 10/8/7) or Mac

In this post, we will describe about SHAREit features and the step by step procedure on how to download SHAREit for PC or Mac.

ShareIT by Lenovo, being a sturdy mobile application, helps users to notch up the file sharing between the devices at a rapid pace. This service, imparted to the user, facilitates him to send files of varied nature, such as images, audio and video files, text documents and so on. ShareIT is a great proposition, considering the speed with which it helps users to conduct file transfers. The application has earned fulsome praise as it works comparatively better than USB and Bluetooth. A user can easily access this application, which is often hailed as one of the finest editions by Lenovo, either on Wi-fi connection, or an internet-enabled smartphone.

If no other strong point, other than those mentioned above, figures in your imagination about ShareIT’s prolific functioning, allow us to explain one. ShareIT is not about individual-to-individual transfers, but scores a terrific ten on group transfers. During the file sharing at a phenomenal velocity, this application works as a catalyst and transfers the computer files without consuming the battery much. Among its list of features, the uncluttered interface and the auto-detection facility win the hearts of the users effortlessly.

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In a nutshell, it can be said with emphasis that this application does not make any hole in your pockets, saving a lot. The application offers a plenty of elbow room to the users by allowing seamless transfers of files between all sorts of devices, be it Windows, Android or Apple. On account of saving of power and time, this application, little by little, is flourishing among the users.

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ShareIT Features for PC

  • By using ShareIT for PC, the users will be blown away by its swift connectivity. The mobile application recognizes the devices more quickly, provided that it runs afloat on a PC.
  • The installation of PC version of ShareIT doesn’t require an Android emulator; which means that this application comes easy and direct without squandering much time over the nitty-gritty of emulator downloads.
  • ShareIT passes muster as far as its device discovery capability is in the dock. The application automatically locates the other ShareIT device with which the users are willing to share the content, and readies itself for the transfer.
  • Once paired, the users can not only send the content to other ShareIT device, but also receive the files coming from the other end.

ShareIT for computer is killing it. How? Here is your answer.

The Novel Features in ShareIT

ShareIT is replete with an innovative and well-defined infrastructure that enhances the briskness of this app to a considerable extent, some of which are as follows:

  • It has been provided with a new and wonderful UI design, suitable for simplifying the operations.
  • It makes the sharing process much easier in a convenient way – with a lot of other functions.
  • A multitudinous library with an efficient structure to seek and search apps and games from other devices.
  • ShareIT is wrapped with tremendous options, allowing users to share the content in question to non-shareIT devices as well.
  • It goes without saying that ShareIT has made us exulted by bringing sheer efficiency to the table. Optimized file selection page is stealing the spotlight.
  • ShareIT has a say when faster file-sharing apps are being discussed. It is powered by optimized transmission protocol.
  • And, it’s not always we get to see such intelligent apps. With ShareIT, the users are offered to clear the junk files with a click.

shareit for pc-techpanorma

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SHAREit -Download for PC (Windows 7/8/10) and Mac

There are two frequent ways to download SHAREit for PC. Let’s get started both of them following step by step guide.

Method 1Download Directly

You can easily download Shareit from the office site. There will be some options but you have to choose shareit app for PC. If you are not comfortable with it, then you must click on the following link to save the file. Once saved, open the file and accomplish the installation. Now you can easily share your data with any mobile or laptop surrounding you.

Download SHAREit

Method 2 How to Free Download SHAREit for PC via Bluestacks

This is one of the most popular installing methods to install Android app on PC. Here, we will install SHAREit for PC or Mac through this method.

1. First of all, you need to download Bluestacks Android Emulator for running this app on PC.

2. Once It done, complete the installation same way.

3. Now find the Bluestacks on your desktop and open it. You need to access the app through Gmail ID.

4. Look for ‘SHAREit’ through search bar and install the app.

5. Now app is installed and you can find it in apps. So, let’s get started sharing all the stuffs with other devices.


SHAREIt has gained immense popularity among the smartphone geeks through its overwhelming features and effortless user experience. One can transfer all kind of files with any size to mobiles and laptops. The application is really extremely functional and must have for every tech-savy. If you have used it on your device and found helpful, then please share your review here in comment section and as well share the post with your friends.

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