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GBA, that is Game Boy Advance, is a well-renowned and minutely-tuned program, which saw its first light in the market in 2001, which has assailed since then without looking back: a twenty-first century video game, gluing the craving hearts of the game lovers across the world, without any hitch. The GBA is lauded as a game of sheer entertainment because of its supreme work-ability, fused with a high octane 32-bit mechanism. Before its full-fledged development, its prototype was christened The Nintendo, of which its offshoots were – explicitly advanced ones – GBA SP and Game Boy Micro. In a nick of time, they were followed by the trailblazer – Nintendo DS line.

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Much to the astonishment of the tech pedants, this game, that is Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance or GBA, ran into the astounding corridors of success, and, in vague terms, was leveled as the best selling technology of all the times, which is still pervading the market as the number one, with no doubt at all. Till now, over 81.41 million hands have grabbed it, with broad smiles; and, not surprisingly, In the year of 2008, as far as the selling figures are taken into account, all the previous records were demolished, as a sale of 130 million was recorded all over the world, which relates its saga of success.

Steps to Download GBA Emulator for iOS

All the best parameters of superb workmanship end their journey at GBA, being a product of supremacy, considering its workability. But the most agonizing factor is that the developers have not yet extended any version of GBA for the IOS, as the console software technology has not paved for its voyage to the App stores, which is really disheartening.

Being apprised of the foray in the market, and due to the stupendous success of this game, we are bound to produce below a step to step guideline, facilitating you to download it for IOS, with a simple and quick touch of your fingers, eliminating any apprehensions whatsoever.

download-gba for ios-techpanorma

This being so, pay heed to the following technical know-how for the download of the GBA for iOS:


The GBA4IOS is what a commonly applied emulator to make the downloading GBA for IOS in a jiffy; and, for it, Apple’s Safari browser is mostly preferred, because, if it is used, the question of the transferring of application between the devices will not arise, and the time will not get dissipated.

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When you click the download link, you will get yourself plunged into download activity immediately. Afterwards, you get yourself forwarded to the next level and the veracity of the file will be examined. Immediately afterwards, as soon as you click ‘Trust the Application’ button, you will come across the installation of GBA4IOS commencing. So wait a little patiently, till the process has started.


In order that the search of the ROMs for the most favorite game may be carried out, comb the internet, for which the Safari browser can also be done, Remember that the ROMs fall within two categories, namely Simple ROMs and Advance ROMs, and, for running either of them, a number of emulators are fully loaded with. This being so, if any one of the ROM is not workable, it is due to the fact that the emulator is uni-dimensional. Consequently, there is no choice but to junk the ROM.

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