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How to Hack a Facebook Account

Facebook is the largest social media platform of our era. With billions of users worldwide, many have started calling it a ‘nation.’ This platform lets you connect with the others no matter the corner of the world they are living in. But, this platform has also spawned many controversies. Privacy is one of the biggest challenges. You may know that all the social media platforms struggle with the issue of data collection and data profiling. It becomes even a bigger concern when the underage kids are involved. These data collectors and profilers can use the information and take advantage of the emotional, social and cognitive vulnerabilities of the kids.

The other problem is that the kids are gullible and you want to make sure they are not communicating to any stranger who can manipulate them into doing something that can harm them. This is why it becomes important to keep a tab on your kid’s smartphone activities. Let’s learn more.

Why Do I Need to Keep an Eye on My Kid’s Device?

The social media giant Facebook has made it very clear that people under the age of 13 are not allowed to join its platform. Facebook does this to stay in compliance with the child safety and privacy acts of various countries where it operates in. Safety of the kids is a serious concern.

So, how does Facebook prevent underage kids from joining? While signing up, you are required to provide your birthday. There are three drop-downs from where you can select your date, month and year of birth. It’s server automatically calculates the time from current date and does not let you enter any age that is less than 13.

That’s okay! But kids these days are smart. They know how they can work around this little challenge. After all, it is all about selecting the date from the dropdown (from the available options). They can easily select any year they want to let Facebook sign up for the services. Facebook doesn’t ask you for your ID for age verification.

One option is to not give your kids the mobile phone and keep them away from computers or laptops. But, that would not be appropriate. Kids need to be a part of this technological revolution we are experiencing these days. You may deprive them of mobile devices but it is not a good idea to keep them away from computers. And, if truth be told, it is hard not to give them a mobile device as well.

So, What If the Kid Decides to Create a Facebook Account?

Well, once you have given the mobile to your kid, it is difficult for you to monitor all their activities. Kids know how to cover their tracks. They can delete the history and messages. So, what are your options?

Well, there is a way to monitor all their Facebook account history. It involves the installation of a third-party application. There are many spy apps out there that can help you with your cause. These apps hack into your kid’s Facebook account and return all their Facebook activity details.

The fact is that the spy apps don’t actually hack any account. Hacking is illegal. However, they just monitor the activities through spy technology. It is completely legal for the parents to have access to all of their kid’s activities on a mobile phone. Such a spy app does not only shows you the Facebook messages but also the SMS messages, calling history and more.

There are quite a bit of spy apps out there. But, not all of them are as good. We have used and tested mSpy and found it pretty nice. It is a lightweight app that stays inconspicuous on the kid’s device. It also does not affect the device performance even if the smartphone has modest specs. This is only the app that can help you If seeking for a spy app or  want to know  how to hack someones Facebook account.

Can I Use the App For Any Other Purpose?

Some employers are allowed to monitor the smartphone activities of their employees. But, before you start spying on your employee’s phones, you need to be very sure that you are not doing anything illegal. In most cases, you can have the spy app installed only on those devices that the employer has given to the employee for professional use. Also, very likely you will need to inform your employees beforehand that their phone is being monitored. You also need to lay out clear terms of device usage. For instance, if you don’t want them to use Facebook on the company provided device, you need to let them know in written.

Apps like mSpy can be easily installed on any phone. But, you need to have physical access to the device in order to install it. This app will send the log of all the activities including the location details.

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