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How To Solve “This Webpage has a Redirect Loop” Error in Easy Steps

Have you ever come across such error on your webpage “This Webpage has a redirect loop”? The web is full of such errors and many of us keep wondering how to solve such errors, but not to worry as internet also provides you a solution to such type of errors, all you need to do is to search properly. Today we are going to discuss the solution to this problem i.e., Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS).

Recently I was browsing a website using Google Chrome and came across this error which was not allowing me to get access to this webpage. At that moment I felt very helpless and decided to find a solution to this problem so that I can put it on my website. I am sure you all must have faced this problem in your day to day internet surfing. Though the webpage automatically suggests a solution to this problem like “clearing cookies” if the problem is not in your server but there are times when even after clearing cookies you face the same error again.

Follow The Below Mentioned Procedures To Get Rid of This Problem

So first of all let’s try to solve this problem by clearing cookies from your browser, follow the tutorial to clear your browser cookies.

  • If you are using Google Chrome, click on the top right wrench icon.
  • Click on “Options” as shown in the drop down menu.

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As soon as you click on the “options” a new tab in Google Chrome will open with personal settings (see below in the image) Now click on “Under the Hood” (See the image below)

  • Go to the privacy and choose “content settings.

  • Now under the “content settings” click on “All Cookies and site data” (see the image above for reference)
  • As soon as you click on it you will see all the cookies and site data listed, all you need to do is to clear all such local stored data’s, doing this will surely help in how to solve this webpage has a redirect loop problem.

  • To clear the data and cookies click on “Remove All” as shown in the above image
  • Once you are done with this procedure close the settings and restart your chrome browser.

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Now, try to re-open the web page which was showing the error shown in the image above. If it’s resolved, very well, if not, you can also try some other tool like CCleaner to clear out the cookies and other data from the web browsers directories, where all cookies are stored. Now it should have probably solved our problem.

Now, you can try to reopen the webpage which was previously showing the redirect loop problem, if your problem is solved it means clearing cookies has worked for you, in case you are still facing the same problem then you can try some other tools to clear your cookies, you can find such tools on the internet.

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I hope this procedure will definitely solve your problem, in case it doesn’t then the problem is in your server, you should contact your internet provider company to get rid of this issue.


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2 thoughts on “How To Solve “This Webpage has a Redirect Loop” Error in Easy Steps”

  1. Hello to all, good morning,

    Recently I make my website where I aim to talk about a little bit of everything (Music, Movies, Novels, Manga … and of course game)

    He argues rather well in terms of design, and I hosted at 1 & 1.

    But until now, you could not access my site through its domain name,, so I decide to tackle me. I thought I had succeeded when I had this wonderful message, “This web page has a redirect loop”

    Here’s what Google said:

    The webpage at has resulted in too many redirects. To solve the problem, delete cookies from this site or allowing third-party cookies. If the problem persists, it may be due to poor server configuration issue and not related to your computer.

    Learn more about this problem.
    After searching the net (and openClassRoom), I still have not been able to find solutions … It is in desperation I turn to you.
    For the “technical” part, I do not use Php, HTML only. Also, my site is accessible via Google (looking is the 5th link), but not returning a URL directly …
    In terms of my meta tag, which seems to be at the heart of the problem, I was fine the tamper in any direction, nothing works. It does not work.
    Well, thank you in advance for your help benefactress!

  2. Good Evening,

    I’m not sure why you pause the question then the answer is that in the latter.

    On accueil.html that just do understeer me it immediately and the problem should be resolved.

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