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IBM Announces to build World’s first carbon Nanotube computer by 2020

Our brain is often compared to computers, but as we all know the mastermind behind giving birth to a computer is human. Over the past few decades number of researches have been done to test the skills of human brains vs. computers and surely the results are not so obvious. There is a thin difference between our brain and computers; apparently our brain is made up of carbon whereas computers are made of silicon.

The whole universe is made of carbons so why not computers? Well, IBM has come up with a great idea to create first carbon nanotube made computers. So if it’s true we might see an end to the era of silicon computers in the next six years.

First Carbon Nanotube Computers - TechPanorma
First Carbon Nanotube Computers – TechPanorma

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Though the statement is more like a hope rather than practicality, we can still consider it a great boon for the IT sectors. If this actually happens we are certainly moving with time in space.

Though there wouldn’t be much different between carbon nanotube chips and silicon chips but still the carbon chips operated computers will be much faster than silicon made computers. Since carbon nanotube made computers are still a dream because it requires great technological advancement, it would take around six years from now on to make this dream project come true.

First Carbon Nanotube Computers - TechPanorma
First Carbon Nanotube Computers – TechPanorma

Now people who would be wondering how IBM going to make this happen? Let me tell you the story behind the whole picture. As per the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, silicon chips would reach its minimum size of four nanometers by 2020, which is actually way to less than its current size of 22 nanometers.

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No wonder this latest technological advancement in computer development will boost the advancement level of human efficiency in almost all the sectors. But for the time being we just have to wait and watch for the next move of IBM. Till the time we don’t get a clear picture of the carbon chips made computers, we can only assume its efficiency. For more updates on the same story keep coming back to our blog, we will try to catch each update related to this topic. Kindly share our work with your friends by clicking on the share butons below.


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