5 Insane Games That Are Fun at Any Age

Thousands of games are now available, and we can get them with the tap of our finger. These games are challenging and fun and are not restricted to children only. Some games are created in a way that people from any age group can play them.

Sometimes it can be tough to find games that are good enough for you to play. Some games might not be worth the time or money and some may be fun for a specific age group only. If you are looking for any games, you can try these five crazy games that are fun at any age.

  1. Cube Escape Series

Cube Escape is a series with different episodes that can be played chronologically, or if you want, you can play any one episode of your choice based on its ratings. This series consists of surreal horror room escape games in which you have to solve puzzles, find keys, figure out riddles and escape from that world. Every game in this series has its particular name according to the world it takes place in. These games are challenging and have an element of horror and get spooky sometimes. These games are free, and you can easily download them from play store.

  1. Project I.G.I

Project I.G.I is a first-person shooter video game that anyone can play. Jones is an officer and is the protagonist of I.G.I. As the game starts, he will be dropped off at any base where he will have certain objectives to complete and also has to try and not blow his cover, otherwise, it will become more difficult to survive. Jones is constantly being updated by his mission director Anya who is a female officer and makes sure that Jones is provided with the information and equipment that he needs. This game has levels that you have to complete to finish it.

  1. Call of Duty

One of the most famous video games, Call of Duty will never become dull. Children and adults alike are addicted to this game, and young kids can get experts by practice. Call of Duty has different parts that revolve around a specific story-line. You have to work with your team and complete the objectives to win the war and defeat your enemies.

  1. Minecraft

It is one of the top video games that are being played by all the age groups across the globe. You can play in survival mode or build structures in creative mode. Players of this game have made substantial famous structures like ships from Star Wars or cities from Lord of the Rings.

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  1. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

It is a follow up to the previous Phantom Hour Glass in which tracks in ord start to disappear from the world, and Link is asked to investigate. This game is challenging and fun and has solo and multiplayer modes.

These games are fun at any age, and at the same time, are equally entertaining.

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