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Talk about privacy and security, and you are sure to think about a VPN as far as the web world is concerned. And, that is what brings us to the ExpressVPN extension for Chrome. While the ExpressVPN app is of an equally good use and serves the functions just about the same, there are some people who’d rather have extensions on their Chrome itself.

Before we tell you how can you work your way around installing the ExpressVPN extension, let us quickly list down for you the features and advantages of using it!


  • It all happens with just one click. You’ll not have to leave the browser, and you can directly connect to the VPN through the extension.
  • The Global connectivity is actually one of the so many other highlights. It has over 145 VPN servers in about 94 countries.
  • ExpressVPN has got you covered from any kind of connection drops in the VPN services. It will prevent the outflow of any traffic beyond the VPN tunnel. The kill switch might as well come across as a saviour.
  • It serves the very basic purpose of privacy by protecting the probe of ISP or DNS provider from peeping into your online activity.
  • It allows you to simply and very smoothly parody the location by connecting both the Chrome and the VPN locations. Thereby, it will prevent any kind of tracking through the original IP address.


Now that you do know the possible benefits of having an ExpressVPN extension, or a VPN at all, here’s how you can find your way to install it as an extension on Chrome. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be good to go!

  • The first step is to create an account on ExpressVPN. If you already have one you can directly proceed to the further steps. (Visit:
  • On your PCs, download the latest version of ExpressVPN
  • Check out the ExpressVPN Chrome installation page, and over here, click on Install.
  • On the pop up that asks if or not you want to ‘Add ExpressVPN for Chrome?’ you will be required to click on ‘Add Extension.’
  • Having successfully followed the aforementioned steps, you will then receive a notification that says ExpressVPN extension has been added to your Chrome Browser.
  • To check if the extension is performing efficiently, simply go to Chrome, and locate the ExpressVPN icon on the top right alongside other extensions.
  • Since all along, you wanted to be able to directly connect your VPN server to the Chrome tab, you have it available with a single click.

And that was about installing ExpressVPN Chrome Extension in easy and simple steps!

If you’d notice, you still had to get the ExpressVPN app, and let us just say that there isn’t a way that you can eliminate that step, but an extension does manage to do a better job at a lot of other things that will definitely come in handy for you.

Since it is after all just one of the so many functions, it does face a few errors too! So before you get all handy with the ExpressVPN, let us just list them by for you!

  1. Connection failed

This could be a result of a failed internet connection. Simply disconnect the VPN and try access the browser. You’ll know what the issue is.

  1. The ExpressVPN app needs to be opened

In case your app is shut and not open, just open it as one of the tabs and then your VPN will function just fine.

  1. This extension requires the MAC/Windows app

This is mostly a result of an older version’s presence in the system. You just need to update the system with the latest OS, and you should be good to go.

Now that you do pretty much know a lot about VPNs and ExpressVPN, happy surfing!

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