Personalized Salons with Uber for Beauty Services

On-demand apps like Uber for beauty services have completely captured the market. Business owners can also generate insane revenue with such apps. Personalized solutions get delivered within a few taps… this is what every customer expects. Going salons and waiting for long hours can be a cumbersome and tedious situation for anyone. On-demand apps will provide quick, affordable, professional and reliable services. This is also a lucrative option mutually for professional beauticians and business owners to earn revenue. This is why such apps are gaining popularity.

Statista clearly shows the year by year growth for on-demand beauty services app. Business owners can connect beauticians and customers, and earn revenue for every service opted by any user. The initial investment is low and output is high. A mere investment can be turned into a lifetime profit.

Create the next Uber

Similar features like Uber must be added to create an advanced on-demand app. Check out the following essentials to know things related to development.

Services to Include

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  • Live Location Tracking

The tracking option will help to trace the location of beauticians. Thus, users can get real-time updates.

  • Cancellation

Users can cancel bookings anytime and anywhere. This option is an important part of a user-friendly interface.

  • Talk to Beauticians

Customers can chat with beauticians in the case of any query or for booking appointment. This is an important feature of the Uber app.

  • Intuitive Interface

A modern and appealing interface at the front will attract customers to login, booking, pricing, feedback and searching history. Furthermore, the front end should be organized and updated so that users can easily understand the layout and opt for any service.

  • Review System

Users can easily add reviews after taking the service. Reviews will help other users to get detailed information associated with any type of service.

  • Profile Update

Customers and service providers can also create their detailed profile in the apps. For example, years of experience, name, photo, etc. It will mutually help each other.

Features to Add

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  • Toggle Availability

Beauticians can show their online presence with the toggle. Thus, customers can easily contact beauticians as per their needs or requirements.

  • Beauticians Profile

Customers can easily evaluate any beautician profile and contact them. This option will show details related to the years of experience, nearest radius, visiting fees, radius, etc.

  • Schedule on Demand

Customers or users can contact beauticians anytime and anywhere. For example, they can instantly book any service or schedule for later. This is one of the most important features of an advanced app.

  • Push Notifications

Whenever a customer books for any service, they will start getting updates related to the service. Push notifications will notify details associated with service providers, bookings, cancellations, invoice, completion of any order, etc.

  • Payment Gateways

An integrated payment platform will allow users to choose the desired payment option for any type of service. Third-party gateways should be integrated with other payment options like credit cards, debit cards, cash on delivery.

  • Geolocation

Customers will not only track the location of service providers but also allow them to share their live location with others. All can be easily done with GPS.

  • Advanced Search

Users can easily search beauticians or specialists as per their personalized requirements. For example, users can choose specialists for hair setting or facial.

  • Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is exclusively for business owners, helping to gain business insight. Thus, owners can look into detailed insight and work accordingly. Customers can look into the number of requests, commissions earned, most-visited location and much more.

  • Responsive Web Panel

A responsive web panel can easily adjust into several devices like desktops, PCs, mobiles, Android, iOS and a variety of devices.  

The above options are ample to create an app for On-demand beauty services. Now, you can start adding features to create an advanced app like Uber. 


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