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How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone & iPad without Jailbreaking

We all are aware of the fact that YouTube is one of the most popular and biggest online website all over the world. YouTube is a wide platform that enables an individual to upload and share useful and interesting videos with others. Sometimes it might happen that you like a video and wish to download and save it on your device for watching it later even without an internet connection. However, officially you could not download any video from YouTube. But if you are an iPad or iPhone user, then there are plenty of apps available on the App Store that will enable you to download YouTube videos on your device without any hassles. Here we have mentioned one such app that will help iPhone and iPad users in downloading YouTube videos on their devices.

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How to Download ‘VDownload’ on iPhone and iPad?

If you wish to download YouTube videos on your Apple devices without jailbreak, then this method will surely help you out. In order to download YouTube videos on your devices, the users are required to download a video downloading app from the App Store. Although, there are numerous apps available in the App Store, but here we have discussed an App namely Downloader Lite Super- VDownload.

This is a fully featured app that comes in both free as well as paid versions. All you have to do is simply go to the App Store and look for the app namely VDownload. Although, there are number of app in the App Store with similar names but don’t choose the wrong one. This app consists of an orange icon with a white colored arrow in the middle. Simply click on it and install the app on your devices.

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Steps to download YouTube Videos on iPhone and iPad using VDownload

Here we have mentioned the step-by-step guide for downloading YouTube videos on your device by making use of this handy app. follow the below mentioned steps carefully:

  • Once the app gets downloaded on your device simply click to open it. The interface of this app is quite similar to that of a browser accompanied by several action buttons positioned at the bottom.
  • Now, launch the browser app function by tapping on the browser action button. After this simply go to the URL bar appearing at the top of the page and the URL of YouTube.
  • Once the YouTube’s homepage gets completely loaded, search for the video that you wish to download. After the video starts playing, you will notice a popup appearing automatically on the screen displaying several options and an option for downloading at the top.
  • However, if the popup does not appear automatically, then tap hold in the center of the video screen with the help of your finger. You will observe a download window appearing.
  • Once the download window appears simply tap on the download option, name the file and click on the save option. After this the downloading of the YouTube video will start.
  • Once the video gets downloaded successfully, you can view the video in the Files section. In this section, the users can view all the downloaded videos and can even delete, sort, rename and create a playlist of the videos.

So, these steps will help you download your favorite YouTube video on your devices and thus you can play them in the offline mode too.

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