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Free Download Zapya for PC (Windows 10/8/7) or Mac

In order that you can use Zapya on your PC regularly and easily, here are a few guidelines which will lead you to the right direction.

Simply speaking, Zapya is categorized as an ideal platform for bulk transfer of files, because of which it has won the accolades in the recent times. This app has revolutionized the concept of data sharing by allowing a pile of files being transferred to more than a single person simultaneously, and that too, in the blink of an eye, without cables or data back-up. Do you believe it? Do you feel traversing in a fairyland? It is not an imagination, but a concrete reality. Zapya has made it possible, and we are completely in awe with its terrific work-ability.

Zapya app is unique in itself; no other app matches with it, even though a lot of standards. As far as the file sharing is concerned in a bulk, Zapya certainly has an upper hand over its contemporaries. It is the smartest, fastest app available for use during the present times, allowing users to share an array of materials (documents, PDF, apps, photos, music, video) from Smartphone to Smartphone (Between Android, iOS, Windows); Smartphone to PC or Mac with sheer ease and flexibility. It goes without saying that other sharing channels, such as Bluetooth, Airdrop and the rest, do not come even an inch closer to its unsurpassed configuration. Hope, all of you are excited to download Zapya for PC.

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Zapya is beyond limit in file transfers to various devices, and it does not matter whether or not you are sending the files one by one or on an individual basis. You can transfer the files to five persons by using your phone, whereas, using your PC, you can transmit the files to sixty-four persons at a time, while using Zapya! Not believing? Experience yourself! It will never be like showing lamp to the sun!!

The Article Includes;

  1. Introduction to Zapya App
  2. Zapya for PC Free Download (Download & Installation Method)
  3. How to Download Zapya for Mac
  4. Comparison with Xender & Shareit
  5. Conclusion

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Downloading Zapya for PC

Zapya can be had from Windows and Google Play Store free of cost. Once you launch yourself to the respective app stores, you can easily find the downloading link. However, there is a pitfall. Zapya for PC can only work seamlessly when a Windows device is equipped with touch interface. It simply suggests that Zapya will encounter snags while working on non-touch hardware.

Well! You shouldn’t jump the gun, as we are here to get you recourse.

BlueStacks: BlueStacks is freely available, and can be downloaded from It is a widely-used emulator, which brings required changes in the systematic architecture of a device, just to make it behave like an Android one, and facilitates the download of Zapya on your Windows PC. In a nutshell, being with BlueStacks, your PC behaves akin to an Android device, and clears the way for Zapya download.

Install and Login: Once the installation of BlueStacks has been carried out, a user needs to log in with his/her Gmail username. The following process carries weight, as the user will be able to access the BlueStacks emulator smoothly using the Gmail username and password. In case, a user lacks a workable Gmail account, he/she can create it easily in a couple of minutes by abiding to the instructions mentioned therein.

Play Store: Zapya is available free of cost on Play Store. Open the BlueStacks emulator, and head over to the search bar, wherein a user is required to type ‘Zapya’ to reach the downloading link. Download the app, and cave in to the phenomenal functionality of Zapya in a trice. Thus, you will able to use Zapya on PC.

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Downloading Zapya for Mac OS

Users would be despondent when apprised of the fact that the Zapya doesn’t have a Mac version. It can be available only when the users employ Android Emulators.

BlueStacks: Given the fact that Mac OS isn’t compatible enough to host Zapya, BlueStacks, a famed Android emulator, can be utilized free of cost for downloading Zapya for Mac.

Install and Login: Use your Gmail username and password to make inroads into the BlueStacks emulator. If you don’t have an active Gmail id, create one.

Download: Look for the downloading link by typing ‘Zapya’ on the in-built search bar and experience a prolonged spell of happiness in terms of data sharing.

Zapya for Windows 10 – Does it require special treatment?

Do I need to follow same procedure for downloading Zapya on Windows 10? Here, we received lots of similar queries related to windows 10 compatibility. Windows 10 is the latest OS from Microsoft and most of users have upgraded their windows 7 or 8 into the latest Windows 10 for free, if using original licensed windows. It was a special limited offer for all the licensed users of Windows 7 & 8. So, some of users are sending related queries, but for your kind information, Zapya is running successfully on Windows 10 and doesn’t require any special treatment, you just need to follow same procedure we enlightened above to download Zapya for PC. So, you will need any Android emulator to run Zapya on Windows 10.

Better than Trend-Setters? Look at Zapya Alternatives:

Some of users believe Zapya much better than Xender and Shareit which are assumed trendsetters too. Sahreit has immense popularity amongst Smartphone users and accomplishes its job quickly rather than any app. Xender app is also considered excellent but seems slight tricky in the beginning. There are some other sharing apps available in the market but Zapya for PC can be entitled extraordinary.



In the end, we would call Zapya safe and sound for all OS including Android, windows, iOS and Mac and allows transferring every kind of file from mobile to mobile and Phone to PC/Mac without USB cables. The surprising fact is one can transfer files to many devices at a time that makes it unusual from others. In short, we will say it fastest file transfer app of all time. If you are thinking to transfer huge files from your laptop to phone, try Zapya for PC that is absolutely matchless in its niche.

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