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How to Get Your New Website & Blog Indexed by Google Quickly

Hello guys, we are back again with another useful post for people who have newly created a website or blog for their business. After creating a website or blog, we all want people to find it and mostly through searching it on Google. But what happens is that we have to wait too long for the Googlebot to crawl our website and index it on Google. Sometimes when we have a budget it’s most optional to let this work to people who know what they do. On-page & Off-page SEO services offered by OutreachMama can help your site visibility and quality organic traffic coming from Google.

In this post we will try to ensure your new website gets indexed as quickly as possible, so let’s first talk about the basics of how your website content is crawled by Googlebot and then indexed. In this post, we will also try to solve the enigma of Googlebot’s crawling process and what does it take to get your website content indexed sooner rather than later.

Googlebot, Crawling and Indexing – What it’s all about?

The very first thing you people should know is the difference between crawling and indexing plus some helpful tips to draw the attention of Googlebot to your blog or website.

Googlebot - Tech Panorma
Googlebot – Tech Panorama

•   The Googlebot is the search bot software of Google that reports Google about the documents on the web; Googlebot collects information about all the contents on the web and sends it to Google for indexing.

•   Crawling is a process in which Googlebot goes around from one website to another, searching and collecting updated and new content to send back to Google. By using links, the Googlebot finds the content and website to crawl.

•   Whereas indexing is the process in which information collected by Googlebot while crawling about the updated and new content is processed and added to Google’s search index. Take note only quality content gets indexed on Google. In the process of indexing, Googlebot also analyzes the title tags and ALT attributes.

Now the question is how does Googlebot search for new content, new blogs, or website? The answer is it all starts with the web pages captured in the previous crawl process which have been added into the sitemap data provided by webmasters. If would like to get more information about the same, you can read it in Webmaster Tools Help.

So now we know new content on the web is found through links and sitemaps. So now we will tell you how to get sitemaps links on the website so that the Googlebot searches it easily.

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How to get people to my website

Let’s discuss some great ways to get people through the search for your new website or blog. Now we will talk about ways to attract the Googlebot to your website and the best part of it is that the following process will help you get traffic (referral) to your new website as well.

  • Make a Sitemap – A sitemap is simply an XML document created on your site’s server that fundamentally lists all the pages on your website. It is vital to create a sitemap of your website because it informs search engines about the new pages on your website as well as the period to check back for updates on particular pages. For example, you would surely want Google to check your homepage daily for new updates on your website. For those who have built their website on WordPress, they can install the Google XML Sitemap plugin from the backend. One can also use the XML Sitemaps Generator tool for creating a sitemap on their website.
  • You should submit your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools – Google Webmaster Tool is the first place where you should submit the Sitemap of your new website. You can easily create a free account on Google and then sign up for Webmaster Tools.
  • Set up Google Analytics – By setting your website on Google Analytics you indirectly report Google about your new website on the horizon.
  • Submit your new website URL to different Search Engines – I know most people think that submitting your website URL to search engines is an old way of getting the attention of the Googlebot. But I would suggest you go for it because it hardly takes a moment, and it doesn’t hurt things either.
  • Stay Updated on Social Profiles – Social media profiles are the easiest ways to catch the attention of the Googlebot to your website. As we told you earlier that the Googlebot searches your website through links you can easily create quick links of your website on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social media sites.
  • Keep Sharing Your New Website Link – After updating your website on social media platforms, you should share it with your network. Though these links are no-follow still alert search engines about the new updates on your website.
  • Don’t forget to Bookmark – You can use top social bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon and Delicious to bookmark your website.
  • Creating Offpage Content – it is equally important to create the content of your website on other websites by submitting guest posts to other blogs that fall in your niche, you can also submit quality articles and press releases to top article directories. Make sure your contents are unique and spam-free.
  • Install SSL Certificate: Google confirms that SSL enables sites will get higher rank as they are considering SSL a new SEO ranking single. SSL increases the trust value of your website and also increase your sales. If your website has not SSL enable then you can buy a Comodo SSL certificate from an authorized seller like ClickSSL.

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By following the above-mentioned steps your website will certainly get indexed as quickly as possible, I hope you would have liked our article, you can also share it with your friends on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin.


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