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Top 30+ Creative and Cool Websites You Should Bookmark on Your Device

Most of us do the same thing over and over again and life seems to string us up tightly in banalities. But, you can cut through those tangles and have a better perspective of life. All you need to do is chill out once in a while. You can’t take a vacation every day. But what you can do is have some fun exploring these cool and interesting websites and pass your time. Let’s check below few Cool websites.



#1 Rich Kids of Instagram (

If you are interested in knowing how the kids of the affluent and rich people spend their lives, you might want to take a look at this Tumblr link. This profile is dedicated to such kids.

#2 Solve the Riddle (

This is a great website to kill time. Here you get to solve some really intriguing and interesting riddles. The game has many levels and as you go up the riddles get more challenging. There are total 81 levels. You have to look at the picture displayed on the screen and solve riddle.

#3 Madeon Adventure Machine (

If you love to produce music in one way or the other, you will love this website by a 21 year old music producer from France. You can easily create some amazing electronic beats. This is counted amongst best websites.

#4 Honest Slogans (

As the name suggests, this website features a staggering collection of funny slogans from hundreds of brands. You can pass your time exploring the slogans – old and new – on this site.

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#5 Sneeze the Dragon (

Sneezing the dragon can kill your boredom. Created using Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, this site allows you to click on the dragon to make him spew fire and sneeze.

#6 A soft Murmur (

If you want to shout out the surrounding noise, all you need to do is put on your headphones and play the soft murmur from this website. You can select from a number of sounds including thunder, wind, rain, birds, and more.

#7 Experience Mount Everest (

Not everyone can conquer the heights of Mt Everest in real. However, you could use the 3D graphics and simulate the climb. It is pretty interesting.

#8 TIME’s Timelapse (

If you are someone who thinks about human evolution or climatic change over the decades, this is the site to look at. It has been built by TIME magazine in collaboration with Google. It is a Timelapse of various regions on the earth. It has used thousands of satellite photographs to create the videos.

#9 Project Alexandria (

If you are a book lover and looking for a site that can suggest you some cool books, this is the one for you. All you need to do is enter the name of the author or the title of the book and you will get 5 similar recommendations.

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If you are searching for the Instagram photos that have been geo-tagged, you can use this website. All you need to do is enter the desired location and all the Instagram photos were taken near it will be displayed. You will see the recent pictures taken in the area, this feature has been updated at the time of Instagram growth.

#11 Is it Normal? (

Sometimes we are too wary of coming out in open and asking uncomfortable questions. On this website, you can ask questions anonymously and get the answers. This way you get to know the perception of the other people on situations and things.

#12 Faces of Facebook (

This website is a reminder how tiny our existence is in this world, especially when you look at the bigger picture. The entire span of website covers the photos of more than a billion users of Facebook. What you need to do is find your photo on the website. Of course the first photo in the list is that of Mark Zuckerberg.

#13 Lamebook (

This website is more or less a spoof of Facebook; only it’s funnier. It kind of picks everything that is funny on Facebook and reveals that things that might have mortified the people.

#14 (

On this website you can mix and match the audios and videos from different sources to get funny results. There is a special web tool on the site that lets you do that.


It is a web and mobile game. You have to control your bubble and let it grow using your cursor. You need to avoid the bubbles of the other users.

#16 Buzzfeed (

This Listicles website has become extremely popular among a lot of people worldwide. While a lot of GIF inserted articles are pretty interesting, many are clichéd too.

#17 AnimaGraffs (

If you want to know how a lot of day to day (and not so day to day) things work, you can visit this website. It features the animated GIF of the working of things like camera, car engine and more. This is one of the best fun websites.

#18 Cracked (

They are the self proclaimed ‘America’s only Humor Site.’ But, there is no doubt that Cracked received loads of traffic. It features some really interesting and amusing articles.

#19 Dear Photograph (

This website features the photograph of the photograph taken at the same place somewhere in the past. So, if there is tree house in your backyard you took the picture of a couple of decades ago, you take the picture of the same picture somewhere around the same tree house (if it still exists).

#20 The Oatmeal (

Matthew Inman is the creator of this website and features some really interesting and unique comic strips created by him. He is one huge fan of Nikola Tesla and hates Edison and Christopher Columbus.

#21 Pixel Thoughts (

A website of its kind, Pixel Thoughts facilitates you to meditate for about a minute. Just input the thought that is bothering you and you will see it disappearing in a minute.

This is an amazingly brilliant website that lets you meditate for 60 seconds. Enter a thought that is pestering you and watch it as it gets brushed away in this walk of life.

#22 100,000 Stars (

This website is for those who believe that their problems are biggest in the whole universe. When you will visit the website you will kind of forget your worries after knowing how small a part of the universe we all are.

#23 This is why I’m Broke (

If you are looking for an online store with unique gift items, such as a faucet featuring LED, this is your website.

#24 Touch Pianist (

If you want to play Piano and don’t own one, you can do that on this website. All you need to do is hit the right keys to for the right notes. It allows you to play some of the most popular tunes.

#25 Chesscademy (

If you love playing chess or are a pro and looking for some challenges this is the website for you. It features an interactive interface with lots puzzles and videos.

#26 Eat This Much (

If you are looking for a dietician and can’t afford one, this website could be pretty handy. You can enter your dietary habits and you will get great recommendations from the experts.

#27 Giphy (

GIF’s have become quite a trend on the social media these days, especially the funny ones. Find out some of the funniest GIFs on this website and have fun.

#28 A Good Movie to Watch (

Are you a movie buff and want to find out the best that is there. Explore the website and get some incredible suggestions. You will know which movie to watch next!

#29 Tunefind (

You hear a song on the TV show or movie and want to find it again; you can find the list of the songs played recently on a TV show or movie. That’s a very unique feature indeed.

#30 Viral Nova (

The content of the Viral Nova website often goes what this website claims to do – viral. The content is mostly in the form of GIF or images. The focus is on having fun.

I Hope, you loved our list of coolest websites. We’ll update it soon.

#31 Listening Through The Lens (

They provide details on album reviews, photos, info on new releases, live show and festival reviews, articles about music history, and our music trips to the USA, and other travels.

#32 Holden’s Screen Supply Corp (

Provider of quality materials to screen printers everywhere in the world.

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