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Download Facetime for Android or ( Best Alternatives)

If you are looking for Facetime on Android OS, then we would like to make it clear that there is no official version of Facetime has been launched yet for Android. But here, you can get many alternatives of Facetime, let’s check them.

What is Facetime?

FaceTime is an iOS app just like hangouts lets you to make video call and chat with any friend. With the help of a button and 3G or Wi-Fi, you can see anyone in video chat and doesn’t matter how many miles away he is.

The awful news is the application is not available for any other platforms (Android, windows etc.) and most likely Apple won’t launch its new version for other platforms. But, Apple users do not need to worry if they wish to use such an app to chat with friends who are using Android or Windows. Here, we brought some best alternatives of Facetime for Android which are quite similar to it.

FaceTime for android-techpanorma

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FaceTime For iPhone (Apple)- The Story

Before discussing on Facetime on Android, we will be knowing deeply about the app. I still remember the time in 2010 when Steve Jobs first announced the official launch of FaceTime for the iPhone 4; I remember in his speech he said Apple will release the FaceTime protocol as an open standard. This news made the third party apps developers very happy as they could create FaceTime clients for Windows, Android, Blackberry or any other platform.

After 4 years of this announcement, we are yet to discover any official release of open standard, so what happened?

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The truth is Apple has reneged the Steve Job’s promise of releasing the FaceTime as an open Standard. We all know FaceTime emerged too valuable app to be own as a proprietor for Apple; hence they changed their minds. However; we still believe the reason was not, so obvious, and there is some hidden truth behind the whole story.

We all know back in 2010 Apple was sued by VirnetX (a company holding the patent rights over the method of establishing secure communications links between PC’s of virtual private network). Apple refused any settlement and went to the court. In 2012, Apple lost the case with a fine of $368 million, not only this Apple also paid millions to VirnetX as in ongoing royalties for FaceTime that they were offering to their customers for free.

Facetime Alternatives for Android, Mac, ipad and Windows PC

Now let’s come back to the most important topic that is what are the alternatives of FaceTime app for Android? Apple users who have recently changed their phones and are using Android tablets or any other platform might have been feeling something is missing in their new phone. Yes, you are right Facetime app isn’t available on Android, but hang on we have other alternatives for Facetime for Android, that you are surely going to love. All the alternatives work perfectly for video chatting as compared to Apple’s proprietary video chat application that is Facetime app.

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tech panorma - Facetime

To help you in a more convenient manner, we have narrowed the alternatives into four best options. All these four alternatives will give you a virtual yet real feel of using FaceTime on your Android phone or tablet. Many of these alternatives works on cross platforms that mean your family and friends who are using Apple can still video chat with you.

1. Google Duo


Google recently unveiled its one click video calling app for android which is a direct  rival to Apple’s Facetime. The app is very easy to use and comes with simple user interface. Through the app, you can make video calls anywhere in the world on Wi-Fi or cellular data. You can start using it by simply registering through mobile number and no Google account or third party account details needed. Nothing can be simpler than this app.

According to Google, “Duo is all about simplicity and quality. It’s all about video calling. There are no frills, no knobs or dials to adjust, it just works.”


2. Google Hangouts

One of the best alternatives of FaceTime for Android is Google Hangout. Hangout is supported by all the OS’s including MacBook. If you have a HD webcam and a fast internet connection, Google Hangout is just the right kind of thing for you.

tech panorma - Google Hangouts

Google Hangout allows you to video chat with more than one person at a time for free of cost. Android, Apple, Linux and Windows can all access Hangouts evenly; same is the case with the mobile versions of Hangout that works uniformly for iPads and Iphones. FaceTime typically works on WiFi whereas Hangout is accessible over the mobile networks as well.

To use Google Hangout all you need is a Google+ app on your device or a web browser that can access your Google’s social network id.

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3. Skype

facetime for Android-techpanorma

Just like Google Hangout Skype is also one of the most popular alternative of FaceTime, just like Hangout one can access Skype on their smartphone, tablet or computer on any network i.e., Wi-Fi or mobile network. You can chat with multiple people on Skype at a same time. Skype has applications for Android, Windows, Mac, iOS or any other platform.

Using Skype you can also make free calls local as well as international. Skype account can be created for free of cost and is available across the globe.

4. Viber

tech panorma - viber

Viber is yet another alternative of Facetime for Android. Though the primary function of this app is to allow you making carrier-free phone calls but in addition this app also allows you to make video calls around the world. Viber is visually very attractive and well designed and it works on both smartphones and computers. Alas, Viber do not supports Tablets and also it only works between Viber users which unfortunately are very less in comparison to Skype and FaceTime users. However, Viber community is equally active and its development team is quick to implement new ideas in their service.

5. Tango

tech panorma - Tango

Tango is yet another best alternative of FaceTime for Android, just like above mentioned alternatives Tango allows you to video chat with your friends around the world, Tango has apps for most Android phones as well as for iOS. Tango also features free text and voice messages. What makes Tango standout from the other alternatives is its game suite which allows you to chat and play games at a same time.

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So guys we hope you would have enjoyed reading our article on FaceTime alternatives, there are number of apps available in the market as an alternative of FaceTime, it’s just you need to look around for the best one.

For more updates keep visiting our website as we have some other great stories for you. You can also share our article on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Have a great day!

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6 thoughts on “Download Facetime for Android or ( Best Alternatives)”

  1. Facetime is superb video calling app which is gaining its users day by day but I am unable to find its official version for Android. I am looking for Android version of Facetime so Please help me out..I found lots of fake sites and links but they all are crap.

    1. Don’t follow fake sites to download Facetime on Android as It’s not available yet.. It may harm your Android device but you can try other alternatives easily..

  2. Hi, I am also looking for Facetime for Android phone and I tried to find it on Play store but found only fake apps. Can someone help me out? I can’t afford an iPhone but wish to use it on my Android device…Is there any method then please send me..

    1. It’s impossible to Download Facetime for Android device so you need to find other alternatives..We’ve shared some best alternatives of Facetime in our post..

  3. Is there any procedure to download Facetime on Android? I read your entire content where you told that It’s impossible to use Facetime video calling app on Android so can try other alternatives instead of Facetime. I think I have only solution that I should buy a new iPhone..

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