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Download Facetime for PC (Windows 10/8/7)

Apple Inc. has a global stature that is hard to budge owing to its leading-edge solutions. Fresh companies may continue to evolve and mushroom, but Apple’s might stands unchallenged. Its grand repertoire of back-to-back innovations has strengthened its market clout, and every extension to this stockpile adds more to the company’s eminence. Certainly, this behemoth has much to brag about. One such innovatory shot of Apple is Facetime, a voice calling application that is intuitive, feature-rich and much more. Here, in this tutorial, we will mainly discuss on how to get Facetime for PC.

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Facetime : An Amazing video calling app

Facetime is an incredibly smart and insanely addictive application, targeted at iDevice holders to perform one-on-one video calls. Having made foray into the international circuit in the year 2013, the application never saw a dull moment in its voyage, and came up a notch with respect to functionality and user acceptance. Facetime registered a smooth run across all iOS-based platforms, such as iPhone, iPad Touch and Mac computers, and soon became a favorite of the Apple’s lot. Chat facility is the most heartening feature of Facetime’s structure, where users can communicate using both the cameras – the front and the rear one.

Is Facetime available for free ?

Facetime is available free of charge, and can be accessed on a local Wi-Fi connection or an Apple ID. The application does not work on a 3G or a 4G connection, and this happens to be perhaps the only dissuading factor.

As Facetime is an Apple’s shot in the arm, Windows users are usually bereft of its high-end applications. However, what could possibly ignite the hopes of PC possessors is a chunk of workarounds that helps downloading Facetime for Windows 10/8/7. Let’s learn how!

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Features of Facetime

Facetime app made a head start when it was first announced in the year 2010 by none other than the prolifically talented; the man with an insatiable lust of doing better each time; and a charismatic personality with a tendency to execute perfection, the Late Steve Jobs.

And, much to the tall expectations of its spearhead, Facetime application has delivered pretty well so far, and is expected to do more in the future with similar groove. Fcaetime PC version has its own share of power points, which we have enumerated below. Reading this will definitely get you more inclined towards trying this application.

  • With Facetime for PC, users can add a number of accounts to a single group of conversation.
  • The ‘Preview’ facility is what gets the maximum takers. Users can preview the application even when it is closed while on the call.
  • Users can also change their caller ID once they get more than a single emailing account under Facetime.
  • Facetime users can switch from a Landscape mode to a Portrait mode or a Full-screen mode, as and when they like.
  • Users can anytime mute a call. And, when we say ‘anytime’, we are serious, for it can be done even in the middle of an ongoing conversation.

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How to Download Facetime for pc?

  • iPadian Emulator happens to be the most important part of Facetime’s downloading paraphernalia. To get this emulator run on your respective device, find its downloading link from its official portal ( and install it thereafter.
  • Remember, IPadian is an emulator that will bring a string of hardware changes in your device, and make it behave as that of an Android one.
  • Open IPadian by double clicking the icon, and search for Facetime.
  • As soon as you find Facetime, tap on the ‘install’ button. The installation process will soon kick off, and after a wait of a few minutes, you will get intimation that the app has been successfully installed.
  • As a last step, head on the ‘My Apps’ section of your PC, and double click the Facetime icon to launch it.
  • Congratulations, you’re done!

What All You Need To Download Facetime for PC – Graphics Card, Webcam, Headset, 2 GB RAM and 1 GZ Processor.


Facetime is indeed a knockout, considering that it comes from the world’s most renowned house of modern technological advancement – Apple Inc.Platforms like Skype and Google Hangouts have been totally upstaged by Facetime, which is certainly a feat of heavy proportion. Needless to say, Facetime for PC opens you to a field where communication flows freely.

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