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How to Create an Appointment in Microsoft Outlook?

MS Outlook, a widely used desktop email program does not provide just emailing services to users of Windows operating system but acts as a complete Personal Information Manager available as a part of Microsoft Office suite. It can be used either as a stand-alone application or in conjunction with MS Exchange Server or MS SharePoint Server. Irrespective of the way utilized, it offers various services in the area of Contacts Managing, Calendar, Note Taking, Journals and Tasks Management including Mail service. One important thing that can be accomplished with Calendar is that appointments can be scheduled; however, a definite procedure has been set that needs to be executed. The present guest post provides the steps required to answer the query: How to create an appointment in Microsoft Outlook mail client?

 Know What is Appointment

Appointments are nothing but activities that can be scheduled in Outlook Calendar. It does not engage invitation to others or reserving resources. Users can even plan recurring appointments, set reminders for the appointments formed and also view appointments by day, week and month of the year. The way appointments created in Calendar, look to others can be specified by users by allocating the time of the appointment in various ways such as free, busy, tentative, and out of office. In addition, others can give someone else the permission to form or make alterations to the appointments in Calendar.

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Scheduling Appointment in Win Outlook

Appointments can be scheduled almost in the same way in all versions of Outlook like 2013, 2010, 2007, etc. whether new or old.

Steps to Create an Appointment in Microsoft Windows

1. On the Outlook menu, click the tab File, point cursor to ‘New’ button and click Appointment.


The Keyboard shortcut for this step is: Press (Ctrl + Shift + A) key simultaneously.

2. A small window of Appointment pops up; type a description in the Subject box.
3. In the same Appointment window, type the location in the Location box.
4. Enter date in both the Start time and End time boxes.
5. Select any time from the drop down menu between 12:00AM and 11:30 PM for both Start time and End time


Note– In the Start time and End time boxes, any specific word(s) or even phrases like Christmas, New Year Day, etc. can be typed-in instead of dates. Time is provided in intervals of 30 minutes starting from 12:00AM and ending at 11:30 PM like 12.30 AM, then 1:00 PM and so on.

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6. Then select any other alternative as per want.
7. If the appointment has to be made recur; then in the Appointment tab >> Options group, click Recurrence icon.


8. On doing so, another small window called Appointment Recurrence having three sections comes up.

  • In Appointment time section; select start time, end time and duration from the drop down menu.
  • In the Recurrence pattern section; select the frequency with which the appointment recurs by selecting amongst the options: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly and then choose alternatives for the frequency.
  • Then select suitable options in the section Range of recurrence.


9. Then click OK tab.


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10. Finally, in the Appointment tab and Actions group, click Save & Close tab.


In this way, by following the above mentioned steps the query as how to create an appointment in Microsoft Outlook gets resolved.

Author Bio: As author of MS Outlook Tools, Peter has experience more than 20 years in IT industry and he is now working with an expert data recovery firm. He has quality expertise in the Office products especially in Microsoft Outlook and love to solve users query such as How to Recover Outlook PST File, How to Encrypt Emails in Outlook, etc.

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