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How to Download Google Hangouts App for Mac?

Google Hangouts is touching new horizons every day; the rise in its users is commendable. The people are attracted towards this app as it is proficient for both personal and professional use because it has some of the latest and very unique features and it also solves the purpose of instant messaging, conference calling and video calling. Its latest version is extremely functional and it is supported by almost every platform without interruption.

We are here to guide you about the process to download Hangout for Mac Operating System.

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 Google Hangouts is an extension of Google Plus which makes chatting with your friends, family and loved ones a whole new enjoyable experience that to for free. It allows you to chat with 10 people at a time, other alternatives which are available can’t functional as efficiently as Google Hangout can. There’s no version available of Hangout for Mac to download, others like Android and iOS easily support Hangout.

Google Hangouts App for Mac - TechPanorma
Google Hangouts App for Mac – TechPanorma

Why Google Hangouts is not supporting Mac directly?

Google does not produce hardware rather than software and program for other smart phone brands and the main reason behind this is its long time rivalry with Apple Inc.
Hangout runs through Gmail and Google Plus so it is all about works in the internet browser. All the apps run best in Google Chrome but Hangouts in Mac are not a justified action for Google and its organization.

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Google Hangouts App for Mac Download

The following instructions will help you install Google Hangout on your Mac

1. Firstly you have to open any browser.

2. Type the URL

3. You will need a Google account for further steps, If you have no account in Google Plus then go for the login option of join Google+ by opting for the red option. You will get the blue button at the right corner option of the display. This above step will make you access to the Google.

Google Hangouts App for Mac - TechPanorma
Google Hangouts App for Mac – TechPanorma

If you’re using Google Chrome these instructions are useless. You can simply add Hangouts to your browser from the web store in your chrome account. This extension works in background even if you close chrome, you’ll receive your messages in the inbox. The main disadvantage of this app is that it stays on all the time which can risk the battery life of your laptop.

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Use Chrome Extension for Google Hangout for Mac

The list given above is long and can prove to be hectic if followed. Another way is, just install chrome extension to Google hangouts on your browser and you’re good to go. All you need is a chrome account to download Google Hangouts Extension for your Mac. This extension keeps on operating in the background even after you close it which is the best thing about it.

How to use Google Hangout App on Mac?

Google Hangouts App for Mac - TechPanorma
Google Hangouts App for Mac – TechPanorma

Google Hangout for Mac Flamingo App

A problem for many users is unless you install the Hangouts extension and let Chrome run in the background all the time, you’ll likely miss out on chats regularly. That’s where Flamingo for Mac comes in.  Flamingo is an app, which is available from the app store of Mac. Actually, this chrome extension is just like Hangouts and you can easily disable it if you don’t require it anymore, but it runs the Google Hangout for Mac online and not on the desktop.

Google Hangout is a finest app for today’s world. A single click lets you to enjoy services like instant messaging texting, video calls and group chat etc for free, without the ruckus of username and password to login.


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