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Angry Birds Epic for PC – (Windows7/8/Mac) – Free Download

Angry Birds Epic features heroic characters, epic weapons and epic upgrades set in a fantasy world, The role playing game lets players choose and build their own warrior to fight the battles.

Rovio’s latest attempt to keep the Angry birds franchise afresh in our minds, is here. Angry Birds Epic has all the characters we had expected from this series. And we must say the attempt is GREAT. Angry Birds Epic download, Angry Birds Epic game online play.

Angry Birds Epic for pc -
Angry Birds Epic for pc –

Angry Birds epic is the latest from Rovio which is the mastermind of modern smartphone gaming. The game has been launched after a long wait and comes with an evoking “Turn Based Role Playing” feature which is totally new in this series. Everyone is aware of the popularity of the Angry Birds franchisee which has a complete series of addictive games that will never let you get your hands off from your screen no matter what happens. Another hit and most awaited title in the series has been launched and named as Angry Birds epic which brings a whole new feature loaded game for Angry Bird lovers. Angry birds epic offers a free to play RPG gameplay where users can choose their hero and fight turn-based battles to defeat the villain pigs, Epic features heroic characters, epic weapons and epic upgrades set in a fantasy world, which includes beautiful landscapes, mysterious islands and mountains. You can choose to play as red, chuck, bomb and many other heroic characters. The game also offers many in game purchases to further customize your hero.

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And if you are reading this post, I assume you are among those who are already in love with this game and now want to Play Angry Birds on PC.

Angry Birds Epic Features

1. Story Based Gameplay

2. Free to play

3. Plenty of weapons and other upgrades to customize your character

4. Epic turn-based battles

5. Explore large fantasy piggy world

Angry Birds Epic for pc -
Angry Birds Epic for pc –


  • EPIC WORLDS! Explore a fantasy Piggy Island with everything from tribal villages and nipping Alps to tropical beaches and mystical caves!
  • EPIC CHARACTERS! Join Red, Chuck, Bomb and the other heroes as they face King Pig, Wiz Pig, Prince Porky and many more villains
  •  EPIC BATTLES! Turn-based conflicts between our heroic flock of warriors and those green snout-nosed scoundrels! It’s easy to play, but difficult to master!

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  • EPIC WEAPONS! Craft amazing battle-winning weapons like a wooden sword, frying pan or stick thingy with a sponge on top!
  • FREE RPG adventure filled with “weapons” (whatever they could get ahold of), magic, bad guys and silly hats! Lead your feathery team into battle now
Angry Birds Epic for pc -
Angry Birds Epic for pc –

Download and Play Angry Birds Epic on your Windows PC or Mac


  • You need a app player to run Android apps on your PC so first download a free app player called Bluestacks available for Windows and Mac.
  • After installing the Bluestacks software open it and search for “Angry Birds Epic“, click on the install button.
  • That’s all you need to do for playing this fabulous game.

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Here are some tips and tricks for the game. Hope this article served the purpose. Stay connected

  • At least one bird must survive to win a battle.
  • Leveling up unlocks new recipes or items available at places you already unlocked (e.g. Professor Pig’s Lab).
  • Wave battles contain multiple battle one after the other.
  • Most resources and ingredients can be crafted for lesser ones.
  • Tap and hold on any character during battle to read their abilities.
  •  Off-hand items increase a bird’s health.
  • Each weapon and off-hand item is a passive ability.
  • Visiting Mighty Eagle’s training dojo to upgrade your bird’s classes.
  • You can only give orders during your turn.
  • Try different bird combos, there’s a bird for any fight.
Angry Birds Epic for pc -
Angry Birds Epic for pc –
  • Re roll your Wheel of Fortune prizes with Friendship Essense.
  • Ask your friends once a day for free friendship essense.
  • Tap a bird to use its supporting skill on itself.
  • Collect free items from harvesting spots.
  • Friendship essense is used to reroll stuff.

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  • The Yellow Pig Gate can only be opened with a Yellow Key.
  • Fill up the rainbow bar of your golden pig for a special item set.
  • Newly crafted weapons and offhands, when they have better stats, are automatically equipped in the corresponding character.
  • Completing a daily dungeon will reward you with a huge amount of snout lings.

We hope our Angry Birds Epic walkthrough guide was useful. If you have any questions about the game, or want to share tips, cheats or hacks, please leave a comment below.



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