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The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery Game for PC and Mac Computers – Free Download

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We are back with yet another review of one of the most popular free online hidden object game – The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery where you join the Order of Seekers, which is a secret society of people with a unique ability to move inside the magic worlds. In The Secret Society you are tasked with investigating your Uncle Richard’s mysterious disappearance, you have also been gifted with your uncle’s special skill of jumping into magic photographs, which act as the hidden object levels in the game. You travel through these photographs in search for clues to solve the mystery, and to prevent the dangers threatening the entire Secret Society. You will have to look for clues in photographs you move within.

The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery Game -
The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery Game –

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These clues, if gathered, will expand further the world y0ou’re traveling and serve to help you unravel the mysteries you’re tasked with. Some of these puzzles are harder than others, but on the whole, you will find The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery polished and addictive. it’s the game penetrating the secret society of pickup artist. Here we’ll help you to learn how to play secret society game and the secret society game cheats.

Features of The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery Game

The game offers a completely engaging and entertaining experience. Exploring the pictures is done via a map, which shows all of the pictures you can visit. You can zoom in on each photograph to better locate those hard-to-find items. You can unlock additional pictures as you progress. There are only 12 different hidden picture scenes in The Secret Society, with the promise of more levels to be added in future updates.

The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery Game -
The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery Game –

6When you enter a picture you’re given a list of items – sometimes listed in text form, other times as silhouettes, sometimes one, sometimes a piece that’s broken into a multiple – and you’ll need to find them before time runs out. The  Morph mode offers a clever twist to the game’s stale hidden object gameplay. In these morph levels, you don’t know what objects you are looking for: instead, you have to keep an eye on the entire location to see which objects are physically changing into other items. Take advantage of a compass that will locate the item, dynamite that will clear it from your list, pocket watch that will add time if you cannot complete a level within allowed minutes. Other exciting features are-

  • Nearly 1500 quests to keep you entertained for months
  • 22 amazing locations full of interesting characters
  • 225+ сollections of hidden objects to piece together
  • Gem Match mini-game: swap and match gems to get 3 in a row!
  • Ingenious mini-games puzzles wrapped in mystery
  • Regular updates with additional quests and more
  • Game Center Support
  • iPhone 5/new iPad Retina Display Support

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS and higher, iPod Touch, iPad 1,2,3, 5.0+ firmware

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There’s a whole range of different helpful items and powerups, which includes everything from hints that point out objects to flashlights that light up the night time levels. You’ll collect these as you complete rooms, but they can also be purchased with the game’s premium currency.
Other power ups include ancient talismans, tools, food and drinks that you can purchase from within the game with coins you collect while playing the scenes or via in-app purchases. The fantastic blend of hidden object tasks and puzzles in The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery will entertain the avid adventure, hidden object and puzzle gamers.

The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery Game -
The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery Game –

Download The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery Game for PC & Mac

Free  Download The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery Game for PC (Windows 7/8)

  1. First step- download BlueStacks on your PC first.
  2. Install BlueStacks on your PC and in the search tool search for The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery Game.
  3. Download and install the game on your PC or Mac once you get the desired result.

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