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Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) – How to Connect Devices to Wi-Fi Router

WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup

As defined by Wikipedia- Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) makes your personal Wi-Fi secure, because it exercises as a protection for your wireless network. Initially it can seem a little complicated but once you get the basics right, things get really easy. This article will tell you everything you need to know about WPS, So, let’s get started.

#Note– We don’t encourage the usage of WPS as its insecure. This article is for the folks who still use the former routers.

WPS – How does it Work?

Wi-Fi Protected Setup can be setup in 3 different ways-

1). Pin Entry- For any device to connect to the router, the user must enter the correct pin. The owner must keep this pin private and give it only to trusted users, just like one does it for their phone or social media accounts.
2). Near Field Communication (NFC)
3). Push Button

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Several devices have push button like iPad and some with NFC option like blackberry. These two ways are optional; one needs to choose between them to connect their device to the router. Although NFC is thought to be better as it defends the unauthentic devices to connect to your wireless network.

How to Connect your Devices to Wi-Fi Router?

diagram-WPSThe solution may differ for Linksys and Net gear router.

Step 1 – Firstly, connect your router to a power source and check that it’s LED light is on. Many devices already have WPS installed; all you need to do is check the spatiality of the device, and then press the WPS button on the router.

Step 2 – Now, open internet browser and type on the address bar, and enter username and password when the browser asks for it.

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For Netgear-
Username = username and Password = password

For Linksys-
Username = space and Password = admin

Now, Click on WPS from the router’s menu and enter the PIN which is written at the bottom of router, now click Ok.
If the page says- Connection Failure! It implies your device could not setup a link to the router. Don’t worry; just refer your device for support instructions. Press “OK” to continue. If the problem persists you can consult the customer care.


WPA2 is recommended over WPS as it offers better security for your wireless connection. If the router gives you this option, you must disable WPS and opt for WPA2 instead. The apps like “reaver” have now made it easier to crack PIN which makes using WPS even more vulnerable.

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