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5 Most Top Rated Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming 2015

We’re here to guide you about the latest range of mechanical keyboards, which are specially designed for the gaming freaks. Now most of you will be speculative about the need for an additional keyboard when you already have one.

Gamers are overly serious when it comes to performance. Most of them need the best equipments, whether it’s the fastest mouse, or the most powerful graphics card, and keyboards are no exception.


While your skills may be invincible, your equipments might not be. A good gaming keyboard alleviates movement, supplies you with mighty macro tools, and ascertains that each key stroke awards you gratifying feedback. The best gaming keyboards let you simplify complicated key combinations down to one keystroke, and alterable options give you control over the look and functionality of backlights.

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As someone once said- Without passion, Life is nothing.
Passion is what pushes a person to always acquire the best and never settle for anything inferior, so if you’re extremely passionate for gaming and want to buy a good gaming keyboard, we’ll assist you in choosing the one that suits you utterly.


The Razer BlackWidow is the perhaps the best available and the most-preferred mechanical keyboard. With sleek and captivating layout, it possesses splendid software and delivers outstanding performance. Currently, it is one of the costliest keyboards with a price tag of 140 dollars which is entirely justifiable with the kind of design and features it has to offer. It gives you value for your money.


Razer BlackWidow Ultimate tops this list with Cherry MX Blue switches, which are both tactile and clicky, and necessitate about 50g of force to activate a keypress. In accession to this, the BlackWidow is the only keyboard with additive macro keys, which are perfect for games such as World of Warcraft. The “Ultimate” version of the BlackWidow has stylish radiating blue backlit keys allowing users to have an edge in tactile accuracy in “lights off” style game play.


This keyboard has got smooth and comfy design. The Vengeance K70 excels from the herd by adopting the same design that made the Vengeance K60/K90 popular. It features interchangeable gaming keys with programmable backlighting. The keyboard has aluminum anatomy, and has the keys levitating over it, plus they are contoured, which is helpful while gaming, but they feel terrible when doing anything else. This keyboard is a perfect combo of attractive design with feature-rich set.

corsair vengeance k70 packaging top

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Though this is one of those keyboards which are tough to beat because it is especially designed for performance gaming. It is a perfect strike-through with aesthetics, size and utility. It’s priced at 114.99$


For most folks, keyboards serve a purely utilitarian purpose and are usually not given much thought. The Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 ($99.99 list) objects this belief, and succeeds with elegance. This keyboard is an exemplary refresh for all the users looking for a mechanical keyboard with all the latest updates. It’s got all the characteristics of a good keyboard, like an ergonomically substantial design, quick response rate, and wireless connectivity. It’s sensors that trigger backlighting whenever your hands come in close proximity, and innovative space-saving design sets it apart from the rest. It features Unifying receiver along with consolidated USB access port and AA NiMH batteries which are rechargeable.


The K800’s all-plastic chassis sports a sleek, doorstop-shaped design. It features impressive layout design with illuminated keyboard. The keys are solid and unbreakable with long-term durability. Regardless of its intended use, anyone who buys the K810 will pay a lot for the privilege, given the $99.99 price tag.


Microsoft SideWinder X4 has many features which includes media and volume controls along with mode switching, red backlighting. This keyboard is by no way a conventional gaming keyboard. A removable number pad, thirty programmable keys with three different profiles, and excellent marks make it an exceptional piece of hardware.


1. Advanced anti-ghosting capability
You can press up to 26 keys simultaneously without ghosting
2. Mode switching
One can manually toggle the keyboard from standard mode to either of two gaming modes.
3. Automatic profile switching
When a game or application profile is assigned using the software, the keyboard detects the game or application you are running and applies your custom profile to the application.
4. Programmable macro keys
Switch among three banks of six programmable macro keys to assign up to 18 macros per profile.


This keyboard has got a complete customizable keyset where users can easily configure the keys according to their likes. The Microsoft SideWinder X4 is a well built, sensitive and comfortable keyboard. It is one of the excellent as well as inexpensive solutions for the users and has been tried and tested by many gamers. There is a lot to offer here, especially for the price, but it boils down to your own preference. This is one of the best budget option for every pro-gamer.

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For those of you not familiar with him, Anansi is a spider trickster-god from West African myth. Think of him like Loki with eight legs. Razer Anansi is a keyboard which is designed

for fulfilling the requirements of MMO gamers. It is a graceful keyboard. At 20.2 x 7.5 inches, it’s very sensibly sized. It features macro as well as shortcut and friendly design along with industrial-strength mechanical switch keys.


The lighting itself is operable, it has the capability to opt any color on the spectrum, from solid whites to vivacious reds to mysterious blues, is a pleasant touch. It has got a perfect amalgamation of features with comfortable keys. It performs really well with a perfect typing experience but don’t expect the Anansi to revolutionize the way you type, though.

These are the top mechanical keyboards of 2014 and 2015 worth sparing time to look at. There are many options available in the market but these are the ones selected on the basis of price and user-interface, If you are facing an problem or have any suggestions do write to us. Thank you.


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