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KIK Online Login without Downloading the App

If you have been wondering how to login to KIK online without downloading it, here are the simple steps.

Why KIK Online?

If you are someone who loves sending lots of messages to your friends and families but find it rather annoying to type it all on your phone, then KIK online is the program you will want to use. This is especially useful to those who are more comfortable with typing on the laptop or PC or who have great fingers on the keyboard.

Getting Started

The good news is that there are a number of emulators that allow you to use the KIK online on your PC or laptop. Not so very good news is that there are many of them and choosing the best one could get a little tricky. So, we will make it easy for you. ‘ManyMo’ happens to be our most favourite as it allows you to run just about any Android app online and you don’t need to download them on your computer.


Here is How to Access Kik Online – The ManyMo Way!!

1) First things first; you are going to need the APK file for the KIK messenger. APK file is required as an alternative when you are looking to run the Android platform apps on the any device other than your phone or online. All you need to do to get this file is go to Play Store of Google and search for KIK.

2) Now you will need to go to MyanMo and register yourself to create your account. The greatest thing about this emulator is that you can run the free trial without having to give your payment or credit card information. Once the trial period is over, you will only need to pay $9 every month and you will be able to get up to hundred online launches simultaneously.

3) In the next step find ‘Launch Emulators’ and click it. You will find this option on the Myanmo page. You will also need to choose the resolution that best fits your computer or laptop.

4) Now simply upload the APK file for KIK that you have downloaded and you will be all set to go to send messages to your family and friends and whoever you want to.

Features of KIK Online

It is free and open source: The greatest thing about KIK is that it is absolutely free of cost. Being an open source code application, KIK allows you to send unlimited emails and messages without spending a penny.

Chat Invitation: To start chatting with the friends and family, all you need to do is send the invitation to them using the KIK app. You can send the invite to anyone in the world.

Allows Web Surfing within the App: If you want to browse in between texting, you don’t need to switch the app. KIK has its own browsing application that allows you to access internet.

Enjoy Group Chat: KIK application allows you to group chat. This means that if you want to send the same message to multiple people, you will not need to select each person individually.

If you have some great experience or  better idea of Login Kik Online, share your thoughts through comments here.


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