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Download Torrents on iOS (iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch) without Jailbreak

Apple is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics all over the world. Apple is known for offering best data security to its users and this is the reason why it does not allows the users to access torrent files on their devices. If you are an iOS user, then you might be familiar with the fact that Apple does not support any torrent app in its App Store. The main reason for not allowing access to such torrent apps is that Apple believes that torrent apps are often put to use for the purpose of violating third party rights.

Although, Internet has come a far way but there are still areas where high speed internet connection is still a major problem which makes its quite difficult for users to download or share large files. In such situations, torrent apps come to their rescue. Torrent is probably the best way for sharing large files among many people. Although, an Apple user is restricted to access torrent apps on their device but users can download torrent on their device without jailbreaking their device.

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How to Download Torrent on iOS –No Jailbreak

In this article, we have discussed the entire procedure for downloading torrent on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without jailbreaking your device. Do make sure that you have a high speed internet connection as you might face problems while downloading on a slower internet connection.

Method 1

Although, there are numerous sites for downloading torrent but we will make use of as you are not required to create any user account in order while downloading.

  • First of all, run Safari browser on your iOS device and search for a torrent site. There are lots of popular Torrent sites such as ThePiratebay, Kickass etc. but we’ve used “” as an example. Now search for the files that you want to download.

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  • Now, long press ” Get Torrent File ” and hold until a pop-up shows up three options: open, copy and cancel. After this, tap on copy to download the link of file which is supported by your device.


  • Once you have copied the link, open a new tab and open Now be patient enough and wait for the site to load completely. After the site gets completely loaded on your device’s screen, you will be able to see a text box for entering link that will appear in the middle of the page. Now paste the copied link in this box and select the “Go” option.


  • Wait for few seconds, Zbigz will show the download link. Now you can download the file.

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  • Once the download gets successfully accomplished you can simply click on the file in order to open it. You can even download VLC media player, if you face any difficulty while opening the file from the App Store.
  • Connect your device to the PC and then open VLC’s app data in iTunes so as to see the downloaded file in it.


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Method 2

Using iTransmission app is another way for downloading torrents on your iOS device. However, you will not be able to find iTransmission app for torrent downloads in the App Store. But you can download iTransmission from several sites and then install it on your device through iTunes.

  • Make sure you do not forget to change the date of your device to 2012. This is an important step, do not miss this.
  • Now simply go to Search for iTransmission on the site and select the option for downloading it.
  • Once it gets downloaded, connect your device to iTunes in order to install the app on your iOS device.
  • After the app gets successfully installed on your device, copy the link for the torrent file that you wish to download.
  • Now open iTransmission, paste the copied link and simply select the option for downloading it.

Follow the above mentioned steps carefully in order to download torrent files on your iOS devices without jailbreaking them. I would especially recommend not using 3G, 4G or mobile date when it’s pay per use or limited. You should use torrent with unlimited data plans or Wi-Fi only.

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