The Best Free Animated GIF Maker Apps for Android and iOS

Now-a-days animated GIF images are one of the most popular means of communicating with friends on the social networking sites or internet. You might have seen people posting GIFs on social networking sites. GIF images have become quite common these days. Now, people can even create GIF images on their own smartphones by simply making use of a GIF making app. So, if you also wish to create a GIF on your own, then here we have listed some of the best GIF making apps that will enable the user to create GIF images quite easily. If you are PC users then can visit how to make Animated GIFs in photoshop.


GifBoom (Android & iOS)

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One of the most popular apps for making animated GIF images is GIFBoom. This app enables the user to create GIFs by using the camera or images from your phone’s gallery. Using this app, the users can make GIFs as long as 60 seconds which is a quite longer in comparison to many other GIF apps available for smartphones. In addition, the users can even choose from a wide range of features offered by the app in order to create and customize their GIFs by making use of their camera or other stuff. Moreover, the users have an option to click photos by making use of the app or they can even import photos that are already saved on their phone. You can also apply filters to your GIFs in the similar way you do it with Instagram. Once you are done with the animation and customization of your GIF, you can share it with your friends on social media sites easily. Moreover, you can access this app without spending a single penny which makes this app worth trying.

GIF Creator (Android)


As the name suggests, this app can flawlessly create amazingly animated GIF images. Using the app, you can create GIFs as long as 30 seconds by making use of the photos and videos existing in your camera roll or gallery. The user also have an option to make use of the in- app camera for shooting videos in order to create GIF images. The main objective of GIF Creator is to showcase the animations done by other users so as to help the users in creating a good GIF. Moreover, if you wish to try out something basic while creating animated GIF images then your must definitely give a shot to GIF Creator. GIF creator is the best GIF maker app for Android phones.

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Cinemagram (iOS, Android)

cinemagram app for gif animation-techpanorma

Cinemagram is another popular app for creating animated GIFs. This app features a simple and user- friendly interface accompanied by a tutorial that will help the users to learn how to create animated GIF images using the app. Cinemagram enable the users to animate small portion of a picture. For instance, you can add effects to show hand waving in a picture while the rest of the picture remains still. This means that only the portion of the photo you selected will bear the animated effects. In addition, you can even share your creatively animated GIF images with your friends on social media platform.

Moquu – GIF maker for iOS & Windows (Android coming soon)

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Moquu is another well known app for those who are making use of  iOS devices as well Windows phones too. According to the company, Moquu will be available very soon for Android users too. The app can effectively work with both the cameras of your phone i.e. the primary and the secondary camera. This app allows the user to create animated GIF images by incorporating multi- layered effects in them. In addition, the app also comprises of several editing features like effects strength and frame delays in order to give a completely customized look to your gif images. Not just this, the app also provides an opportunity to the users to manage and organize their projects into different folders and then export those folders to their photo gallery.

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MyFaceWhen (iOS)

myfacewhen gif animation app-techpanorma

MyFaceWhen is one of the best GIF creating apps and currently available for iphone & iPad only. This app enables the user to record videos by making use of the in-app camera or you can even choose the existing files on your smartphone to transform them into GIF files having high resolution. The user can even make use of these GIF images while sending any text message. All you have to do is simply crop the recorded video, save the file and then send it to your clipboard from where you can add those GIF images to your text messages. The app also offers support for emails and Twitter.

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