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An error, which is more specific in terms of its presence and the area it affects can often be the cause of all your distress. And, turns out that the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome is one such specific error which causes hindrance to you being able to access https enabled websites. This error is caused by a web protocol called SPDY (as mentioned in the name of the error itself).

Many, often end up checking for any problems with the internet connect, or often, with the system itself. However, none of that is the case. The solution here is to clear off issues with the Data server for Chrome by fixing SPDY sockets.

Primarily, the error occurs either due to a browser that is outdated or the presence of an antivirus in the system. The error is trying to indicate that either the requested page is currently down or, the page has been shifted, permanently, to a new address.

Now, in order to get rid of this error, here are the following methods that you can resort to!

Method 1: Clear Chrome Cache

Clearing the cache is something that one needs to do every time there seems to be a problem with Chrome. Clearing the cache is no biggie, as there are multiple options you can resort to, given the chances of you already having done it some point of time. Because one of the primary causes of the error could be the caches and the cookies, this is the first fix that can prove to be of help.

Method 2: Update your Google chrome browser

As mentioned, the very cause of this error could be an outdate browser. Go check out if or not you have the latest version of chrome, and if you don’t get it. Once Google chrome is up to date, restart the browser and chances are your system will be error free.

Method 3: Flush off SPDY sockets existing in Chrome

  • Go to chrome and enter: chrome://net-internals/#sockets

  • Press enter, and from here, click on the black arrow on the right side
  • Under tools, select flush socket

  • Reload the page, and you shall be good to go!

This is one of the ultimate methods to get rid of the error, but in case it doesn’t go still, or seems to have reappeared, here’s what you can do!

Method 4: Run Chrome Cleanup Tool

The official Google Chrome Cleanup Tool helps in scanning and removing software’s issues that may cause crashes, unusual startup pages, toolbars and unexpected ads.

Method 5: Flush DNS followed by Releasing and Renewing IP address

If nothing at all seems to be working in your favour, then this one is the last option you can resort to. Here, you will be required to visit the command prompt (windows key + R) and follow the commands individually.

  • In order to flush the DNS: ipconfig/flushdns
  • Registering the DNS: ipconfig/registerdns
  • The command for the release of IP (After disconnecting the internet): ipconfig/release
  • For the one final time, renew the address with ipconfig/renew
  • Having done all of that, simply reload your page

During the process, you might also want to configure your antivirus and some of the Chrome settings in case that turns out to be of help. In order to avoid this from happening again, check for the avast antivirus, as it has disabled certain websites hence adding up to the vows of the user while surfing the internet. Having followed any of the above step, we are sure the SPDY error shall make its exit from the system.

Also, given that the error is quite a basic one, it could also happen that it gets off the screen with a mere refresh. Basic alterations and tweak in the configuration might turn out to be doing wonders. If nothing at all seems to be working, then, the last resort is to uninstall and reinstall the browser, for that, pretty much makes it an almost unused one, and chances of the SPDY error are extremely minimal.

Though Chrome is pretty much the best search engine to choose from all the currently present, it often ends up crashing, and while the errors do have a definite fix, the crash seems to be where you’re stuck at. So, if in case you seem to have stuck up, and chrome just won’t open, here’s what you can do:

  • The most common crash fixes of all is to shut off all the tabs, in case the browser has freezed.
  • Or, better so, you can restart chrome all together, followed by restarting your system as well
  • Check for the presence of any sort of harmful malwares, as they could end up causing harm to the system in general
  • Try and open the same web page in a different browser
  • Last, but definitely not the least, you have to resort to reinstalling chrome, for it has left you with no other option

Chrome is touted to be the best for searches, but there are errors that often occur because of your system and/or the connection that you’re using. Hence, the first resort for any crash is to google and check for solutions, because most of the times, they are such that they wouldn’t call for any special attention.

Out of all the solutions mentioned above, most of them, including the likes of clearing cache, reinstalling and uninstalling, or, configuring the settings of the system are basic methods. If nothing seems to be happening, the aforesaid methods shall come to your respite.

TIP: Given the kind of error, you might as well just disable the cache system from the menu on the right. If at all it is the stored data that is causing any kind of problems thereby resulting in the error in turn, you could just get rid of the very cause.

Follow these, and you and your system will be good to go!

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