Top 10 Sites Like SolarMovie for Watching Movies Online

Netflix and chill is definitely the new cool, isn’t it? And, if you happen to be someone who believes in spoiling yourself with binge-watching TV shows and movies over the weekend, or better so, the weekday as well, then you sure must be aware of multiple online streaming and downloading apps.

While apps can be quite a hassle, there is nothing that beats the pleasure of watching shows and movies online, and, for free. Chances are, you must have stumbled upon SolarMovie at some point in your journey as a binge-watcher, and there’s still more than you’re looking forward to. And so, w have for you a list of websites which are as good and function just like SolarMovie does.

Here’s our list of top 10 alternatives to SolarMovie!


  1. YIFY (

Since we are talking movies and TV shows, we can’t miss out on Yify movies. With HD movies available for free, we don’t think anyone would ask for anything more. And, more so, what makes it a great website to turn to is the kind of interface it provides for easy searching. However, it doesn’t provide direct links of movies, but streaming is offered by a 3rd party. Well, for as long as you can watch what you want, what else do you need, isn’t it?

2. Yes Movies (

Yes, Movies are popular for the kind of loading speed it provides, and of course for being an efficient website to seek movies at. With a beautiful interface and great options to watch out for, Yes Movies offers TV shows as well. All you need is a decent internet connection, a device, and you are good to fo for the next binge watch!

3. Hulu (

Hulu is different from SolarMovie in more than ways you can imagine, but well, if there’s watching and online streaming we’re talking about, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on content, would you? Though a paid site, Hulu offers two subscription plans for no commercials and limited commercials respectively. With all that the website has to offer, you wouldn’t mind paying for them, trust us. In addition, it also has more content than you could ever imagine, plus, it has Live TV networks as well, including many biggies.

4. Movies4u (

One of the best from amongst this list, Movies4u is nothing but what you visit 123movies for. An interface as basic as you’d want, with the best of TV shows and movies, Movies4u is one of the ideal picks. Also, not so many pop-ups on opening the site is something that goes pretty well with us as viewers as it is less annoying and more happening when you are directed rather quickly to what you’re looking for.

5. Movie Watcher (

Quite like what SolarMovie is, Movie Watcher curates the best of links for you and offers great speed for streaming. You can search through various tabs ranging from genres to popularity to year wise. For all you know, there’s always the search bar for a quick check on what you’re looking for.

6. Movie4k (

There’s always pleasure in watching good old movies, but a lot of pain in actually finding it online. A website exactly like any other on this list, Movie4k sets itself apart by offering old movies and, with quality of course. Though the focus of the website is movies, you’ve got TV shows to look up as well, and a Live TV from multiple networks too.

7. Vumoo (

Vumoo boasts of a database of as many as 60,000 movies on the website. Quite similar to SolarMovie, Vumoo also boasts of multiple documentaries. An ideal alternative, the website offers video streaming by 3rd party sources. Vumoo offers not just quantity, but also the quality and a good interface, so there’s not much to worry about while you’re on it

8. Rainerland (

Rainerland isn’t just a regular website, as it offers everything it thinks a user needs. It provides you with suggestions based on your choices which makes it not just more convenient but also equally enticing. A perfect for TV series owing to the organized manner in which it offers them, you’ll find movies of varied genres available on Rainerland as well. It lets you avail real-time search, thereby saving you off the hassles otherwise.

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9. Bmovies (

Bmovies is yet another great website for streaming movies and TV series online. You can look up the top-rated ones on IMDb, or search by genre. If you know what it is you’re looking for, you can simply hit the search bar. One of our personal favorites, has got to make it to the list of top 10.

10. New Movies Online (

This is one of the last on our list, but definitely not the list for new movies online is amongst the most loved sites like SolarMovie. Just like what you must have already inferred from the name of the website, this one’s got a great collection of new movies, movie subtitles, shows, documentaries, and all that you’d ask for as far as content is concerned.

Also, the website has brownie points for providing the movies and shows in multiple languages. Like many of the sites mentioned here, the content on New movies online is generated via third-party sources. The website has as good a list of movies as it does of shows, so whatever you’re looking for, chances are here’s exactly where you’ll get it.

So, now that you seem to be having your list of sites like SolarMovie in place, you do know after all where to go to. For the love of movies and TV shows, we are sure there are at least some of these you’d be looking forward to trying after having read their descriptions and knowing the kind of content they do provide!

So, what are you waiting for? Go follow some of the links we’ve shared for you and watch the much-awaited, or the most longed web series from your binge list! Happy watching!

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