Siri for Android: Top 10 Android Assistant Apps

If you are thinking about the mobile assistant apps then Siri is the first name that crosses your mind. However, this app is available only on the iOS platform. But the good news is that there are a number of apps, just like Siri, that are there for the Android users as well. Apple is quite protective of almost all of its apps. This is the reason why they barely cross the platform. However, with the Siri Apps (read Siri like) for the Android phones, mobile assistance becomes as easy as it is for the iOS users. These apps help you with your day to day tasks such as driving down to workplace, calling people on their birthdays and so much more.

A good assistant app is the one which does not interfere with your mobile use. You will definitely not want the assistant app that is noisy. Here is the list of some of the incredible Android assistant apps.

Best 10 Virtual Assistant apps for Android:

1. Assistant App

assistant app-techpanorma

Here is good news for you. The best Siri app for the Android lovers and users is also totally free. The Assistant app is arguably the best assistant app available on the Android OS platform. Setting the high performance and utility standards, Assistant is the inspiration for other such apps. With a smart virtual assistant to help you all along, this app gives you everything that you may ever need. It will instantly function on your voice command and perform tasks like map navigation, meeting setup, sending invites and so much more. The personal and humorous touch of the virtual assistant and the extremely user friendly interface are one of the few things that make this app the number one choice. When we search for Siri alternatives on Google, it comes always on top position.

2. Skyvi


If you are looking for a Siri like app for the Android platform which is clean and easy to use, Skyvi is perhaps the best choice for you. This app comes with all the features you could ask for in a useful virtual assistant. The interface is well laid out making this app extremely easy to use. You will really love the clean and uncluttered interface this app has to offer. This makes it even better for the laypeople. Whether you are looking for directions, trying to voice text, want to quickly find a contact and make call, this app will make everything easy for you. If you really crave for best alternatives of Siri for Android, it gets the place in the list.

3. Pocket Assistant

pocket assistant-techpanorma

The virtual assistant of this app is 3D modelled and is one of its most striking aspects. While on the outset the animated VA may seem a little less classy, in reality it is the USP of the app as it has the enhanced interactive features and offers immersive experience. Pocket Assistant features 4 virtual assistants and you can change their looks and appearance to your liking. Whether you want to use the Google Maps or set up the alarm clocks, it will make everything easy for you. Unlike the other apps, the human form of the virtual assistant is pretty realistic. While the animations may get a little glitch at times, but the app never fails to serve its utilitarian purposes. Pocket Assistant is available for free and for purchase as well. The free version has the ads and IAPs.

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4. Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon-Mobile-Assistant-techpanormaAlso see : Download Periscope for PC – Windows 10/8/7 or Mac

This is another app which features a very easy to use and extremely user friendly interface. But it’s not just the looks that make this app amazing; Dragon Mobile Assistant comes packed with every feature that you could expect from a great Siri app. Whether easy or difficult, this app is remarkably deft at answering your questions. For instance, a question as simple as, ‘what time is it in New Delhi?’ to as complex as ‘Best eating places in Mumbai’, will get answered easily by this app. This app also allows you to easily open and close other apps and also send the text messages with your voice.

5. EVA Voice Assistant App


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EVA is certainly one of the mobile assistant apps to lookout for. However, one of the biggest challenges with it is that the interface is pretty crowded. Another little flaw that may remain unnoticed by the native English people is that it reads out the English texts pretty fast sometimes. This means that if you are a non-English person, you may have to ask it to repeat it a few times. But this app makes it to the top 10 list and rightly so. The features of this app easily outweigh its shortcomings. EVA is fast, reliable, and provides great guidance to the Android mobile users. While some people may call the interface congested, some may want to call it comprehensive. If you are experiencing any problem with the interface, you can watch its tutorial. This alternative of Siri is available for $19.99 but you can try the free version for 28 days.

6. ANDY (Siri like Assistant)


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Andy is another Siri mobile assistant app for Android users that makes it to the top 10. This app also has an easy to use interface and provides hassle free experience. Andy could truly be your great companion as its personal assistant is quite intelligent. Even if you are searching for academic topics like science or history, Andy will display the results instantly. If you want, you can also make the app read out the texts to you. If you are someone who frequently refers to Wikipedia and other academic sites, this app could be really great for you. Whether it is math or technology, everything is within Andy’s limits. Even if you want to search for philosophical work, Andy will do it for you. Although the free version of the app is pretty robust in itself, the paid version is even better with lots of added features. One of the things that you will get rid of with the paid version is the annoying ads. In my words, I would say it best Siri for Android devices.

7. Top Assistant

Top Assistant-techpanormacheck : Clean Master for PC (Windows 10/8/7 & Mac)

Top Assistant app may not be anything like the Siri app for iOS, but it is well known for its basic assisting features. Top Assistant is not really remarkable when it comes to voice commands, but the interface is pretty decent and easy to use. If you are someone who has to do multitasking almost every day, this app is especially useful for you. For instance, if you are working on a word editor and need to open the browser for quick reference, you can easily do that with the onscreen buttons. Some of the basic tasks also become quite easier with this app. For example, you can easily dial phone numbers, send emails, and search for the contact. One of the best things about this app is that it eliminates the need to buy a high-end and expensive phone to do multitasking.

8. Robin -the Siri Challenger


If you are looking for a compact and light weight mobile assistant app which does not use too much of the resources on your phone and still performs incredibly, Robin is the app you should get. The app starts almost instantly and is ready to be used almost instantly. The app also features a rather strange interface. It has a transparent background and some people may not like it. Especially if you have icons in the background, it could get a little distracting. Voice to text is one of the most amazing features of this app. Robin can recognize multiple accents.

9. Indigo Virtual Assistant


Inarguably, among the 10 apps we have listed here, Indigo has the most visually appealing interface. The combination of indigo and white colors gives a very natural and sedate feel. The most unique feature of this app is the music control with voice. If you are cooking or busy somewhere, you can simply give the voice command to manage the music. It is one of the rarest apps that allow you to use the native language for the controls. With social media and web integration, you can easily connect to sites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and Wikipedia.

10. Jeannie


Jeannie is a simple yet quite useful Siri app for Android platform. This app has been well conceptualized and provides a great user experience. Whether you want to dial a phone number or send a text message using voice, you can do it all with this app. You can easily control and manage other apps as well using Jeannie. For instance, if you need to wake up at 8am in the morning and want to set the alarm, you will simply need to give the voice command ‘wake me up at 8 in the morning tomorrow’. The only challenge with this app is that its free version has very limited features. If you want to access full features, you will need to buy it for $3.

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