Best iPhone/Android Apps for Wine Lovers and Drinkers

Whether you are a newbie to the world of wine or a hard core oenophile, there is always a scope for learning new things. With new wine apps hitting the market every day and each of them offering amazing features, it becomes very difficult for one to choose the best among so many apps. These apps can provide all information regarding wines like ratings, reviews, nearby locations from where you can buy wines. So, here we have gathered a list of some of the best apps for wine lovers that will certainly help you to choose the best one for yourself.


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Hello Vino

(AndroidiOS) (Free)

hello vino-techpanorma

Hello Vino is a free of cost app for both Android and iOS users designed to serve as their personal wine assistant. It is a handy app for those users, who buy wine almost every day as it assists them by suggesting the best wine with the food. It allows user to capture the images of their purchases and add notes to their favorites. The app also features an extensive wine guide that enables the users to get information on wine as well as grape varieties. This app tenderly approaches the users via interactive questions in order to find the best wine for a specific meal, taste preference or holiday. It also includes audio reviews that give a nice interface to the app.


(AndroidiOS) ($1.99)


Corkz is one of the best wine apps and is a complete package that brings together social aspect, wine search and cellar management features. The app supports both bar code and text search but it cannot scan labels. It quickly displays results for your search accompanied by ratings, vintage notes, and tasting notes. The wine cellar management feature enables the users to enter their collection, add their own personalized comments and tasting notes and even add or remove any entry. The social aspect of the app enables you to locate wine bars nearby, discover what vintages other users nearby you are looking for and even post regarding the wine you are drinking on social networks like Twitter or Facebook. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.

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(AndroidiOS) (Free)


Vivino is one of the best wine companion apps that flaunts its photo label recognition mechanism. This photo label recognition mechanism enables the user to quickly get information regarding a particular wine along with its reviews, tasting notes, ratings and much more. If the app fails to identify a particular vintage automatically, then in that case a team of wine experts from Vivino will manually and timely discover it for the user. Not just this, the users can even navigate through the app’s database of wine reviews, get recommendations for wines, locate nearby places to purchase wines and also save their favorite wines.


(iOS) (Free)


This iOS app enables its users to get reviews, ratings, tasting notes easily and quickly by simply using a picture of the wine’s label. The users can even maintain their personal wine journal in which they can include their favorite wines along with their own tasting notes. It provides you with a social aspect that allows you to tag locations and friends to memorize where you had a particular wine and with whom. It also enables you to follow the newsfeeds of top winemakers, sommeliers and other wine pros. And that’s not all; you can also use this app for placing an order of wine.

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(Android, iOS) (Free)


Drync is another great wine app for Android and iOS users that can be accessed by them without incurring any additional charges. It enables wine lovers to capture images of the wine’s label to quickly check its availability, descriptions, price, ratings and tasting notes. It also allows the users to add their own notes as well. This app helps the users to track their favorite wines and place online orders for wine using the app. In addition, this app also enables the user to discover new wines based on the recommendations of their friends or the search engine of the app itself.

Wine Searcher

(Android, iOS) (Free)


Wine Searcher is a free app for iOS and Android users. Wine Searcher remains focused on its search aspect where other wine applications come up with social features and other stuffs. It allows the user to search for a particular wine by entering its name or an image of its label and thereafter presents quality information before you like grape varieties, price, vintage ratings, critical ratings and places where the wine is available. With the help of GPS data you can even discover nearby locations where wine is available.

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Wine Simplified

(iOS) ($9.99)


Wine Simplified is an intuitive iOS app that focuses on teaching a budding wine lover everything that one should know about wine. The app includes video tutorials of more than 90 minutes accompanied by slideshows, infographics, pronunciation guides, tasting guides and articles that serve as an incredible stepping stone in the world of wine. This app exposes you completely to the world of wine by offering information regarding everything i.e. from food pairings to locating store and then purchasing it.


(AndroidiOS) (Free)


Plonk is a free of cost app for both iOS and Android users that helps demystify the world of wine. It is an intuitive and beautifully designed app that enables the user to quickly gain knowledge regarding wines and grape varieties. The color coded tiles enables the user to explore wine and grape varieties. In addition, you can even get information regarding food pairings, recommendations of similar varieties of wine and different traits of wine.

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