Download Kodi for Android : Complete Installation Guide with Addons

Kodi, formerly recognized with the moniker XBMC, is an open-source (a free app, in layman’s terms) media player application, armed with the power of running any media file, including audios, videos, pictures, Live TV and so on and so forth, without any hiccups. Helmed by the XBMC Foundation, the application has successfully made a cut through the crowd through a dash of features that has been building a community of whacking proportions.

What Kodi Does?

Kodi, in the very sense of its architecture, assist users in structuring their media files in a way that’s far more plain and systematic. The application complements with the third-party add-ons, supplementary features and anything that ensures a significant gain in the functional levels. Kodi is a pro at turning any of the computers, smartphones or tablets into a digital set-top box, vouching for the entertainment that reaches crescendo.

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Kodi Specifications

Contrary to TV streamers, such as Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick, Kodi isn’t throttled by license, making it immense easy for the users to download a slew of community-based apps, and lap up the fun through whatever content they feel like.

Adding to its proficiency, Kodi has a user-oriented UI, which makes content surfing a comfort job. Its software, fondly referred to as ’10-foot UI’ by the battery of developers, provides for a fantastic viewing from a distance of up to 10ft, courtesy the coding infrastructure. Therefor, users are in a position of advantage to view their favorite visual content, documented in a capsule of consistency and clarity.

Compatibility to a whole pack of devices has been the mainstay of this application. Kodi (XBMC) is compatible with Android, MacOS X, Windows, Linus and what not! However, what’s imperative to make a note of is the level of exasperation the users may suffer while downloading it for Mac and Raspberry Pi, as bottlenecks in the process are inescapable. However, in contrast to the previous statement, Kodi’s download for Android, Linux and Windows is a walkover, which concludes in a trice.

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How to Download Kodi for Android

Kodi is downloadable for Android, which simply signifies that the application covers almost 60% of gadgets floating in the market. Come on! Android has ‘us’ in the truest sense. Doesn’t it?

This is a ‘how-to’ on downloading Kodi for Android. Read on!

  • The latest version of Kodi asks for a good-enough space to run efficiently. Select a device with at least 2GB of RAM for Kodi to work glitch-free.
  • Visit the official portal of Kodi, the application (, and tap on the ‘Download’ option.
  • Once you are through the second step, reach ‘Google Play Store’ to download the .apk file of the Kodi application.
  • Inside the Play Store, click the search bar and type ‘Kodi’ to download and install the .apk file.
  • Watch out for the installation process to end. Once it gets complete, Kodi app is ready to treat your entertainment orgasms.

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Best Kodi Addons 2016

Talking about the famous Kodi Addons, it is important to bring down the spotlight on Exodus addon, which has been mustering much traction since a couple of months. Beginning the list, we have Phoenix, 1Channel, SALTS, Bulldog Streams, YouTube, UKTV Again, Castaway, Veetle and Sports Mix.


Exodus is an affair that made the Lambda developers resign from the development of genesis, and involve with this addon, only to see it becoming the raging trend later. This addon slays for being really simple, and gives flexibility of searching content, not just by entering the ‘keyword’, but also the names of actors and actresses. It is ranked as the best XBMC addons of 2016.


Phoenix is an addon that has clearly bulldozed the position of others owing its directory of content, which is always revised and updated for better participation of the audience. This addon is being managed by several communities, which provide content under a specific theme. For instance, a theme called ‘Cartoon Crazy’ has children-centric content that includes cartoons and other sources of child entertainment.


1Channel is a clone to Exodus, providing the similar brass of content as the latter. Its massive popularity can be ascribed to its plain, well-aligned interface with minimal content information. 1Channel is a top-ranker, and for the happiest of the reasons.


SALTS (Stream All the Sources) is the recourse if unreliability of the content has been a cause of trouble. This addon provides a window for paid services, Real Debrid Accounts, that facilitates users to enjoy great streaming. However, an option to non-subscribe the paid services is also available.

Bulldog Streams

Next on the countdown is Bulldog Streams with sports content galore. This Kodi addon has a significant look with Operation Robocop VOD as a built-in option.


Castaway is a recently worked-up addon that provides a stack-full of content. The stock includes the Live TV, Sports, Sports on Demand and more. Castaway, despite being revised from the scratch, is still in a trial and error format.


YouTube addon, as it seems obvious, is an access to a multitude of YouTube content within Kodi. An integration of it with a YouTube account converts into an opportunity of viewing playlists and videos with no glitch at all. There is also a featured content, which is a lookalike to that of YouTube.


A tap on the button, and get set to dive in the profound pool of content with Veetle addon. The addon is a huge success, as it offers different types of content from various sources across the globe. Some of the best-fetched content forms, include Marvel Movies, 24/7 Star Wars and Star Trek.

Sports Mix

Sports Mix, as the name has it, is a sports-based addon. Users get the finest of the sports content, straight from the names like ESPN and Europe.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is a dominant player for being a entry point to radio content that entails music broadcasts, sports news and talk shows. The addon provides for a quick search by submitting location, genre, language and even a specific station. Users can also archive their favorite radio content, and tunein to them any time of their choice.

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