Top 10 Most Useful GPS Navigation Apps for Android Devices

Where the hell am I? What the hell is wrong with these streets? Well, I have got two options, but I am a little bit skeptical about taking motorway or suburb roads. Which one is the shortest way? How long do I have to drive to get to the service station? How long do I have to drive to get to the next motorway exit?

Sorry, about that, but everyone knows that everyone has been through the same situations that you just read above. It sucks to have the same problems again and again when you are going to chill out for a weekend or a known place for the first time by your vehicle. But you guys don’t have to deal with it anymore as we are living in a world full of technology, and GPS navigation is one best technology to make your task easier. Maybe before it used to be so difficult when you get lost but today, it has become a non-problem. With GPS and Mobile data, you can easily just search for Where Am I Right Now and get your exact location down to the specific coordinates. So, it is very easy to download GPS navigation apps on your Android smartphone. There are many navigation apps available on Google Play Store, so TechPanorma tells about the 10 best GPS navigation apps for Android Phones. These GPS navigation apps can be availed for free, but not all of them.

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Top 10 Most Useful GPS Navigation Apps for Android-techpanorma

Did you enjoy the scenic view last time when you were driving? Of course not, because you had to be careful with the destination route what you had in your mind. So you missed everything interesting on the motorway or did you not? We always have a barrel of questions about the route when we go on an unknown long route, but you cannot stop anyone in the middle of nowhere. No one gives a damn about your journey and even they don’t know a shit about the journey route or they might have the same problem.

Here we talk about one of the best and powerful operating system that is Android. Android has made our lives easier more than it used to be and some latest Android devices house a GPS navigation app, so the user can use it to get to their destinations. These Android Navigation apps are really smart and can tell you about your exact location and traffic alerts with details on the map, so the app or you can alter the destination route as per your convenience. These apps are impeccable in cities as well as in suburbs or country side. So get ready to know about these best GPS navigation apps or muck around because there is no door number 3.

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Here is the list of top 10 Android GPS Navigation applications.

1. GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic:

(Download Link : GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic)

Sygic is an offline GPS application that lets you toward your destination without any internet data connection. So you don’t have to worry about the internet data and you can use the app for unlimited time whether you have data or not. This app is absolutely free, and there are two different application versions for car/scooter/bike and trucks. The Sygic app provides you GPS navigation for Europe, South America, North America, Asia, Africa, Australia & New Zealand and Middle East.


One of the best feature of this app is 3D view that makes you more confident about the route what you are following by giving a 3D view of that area on the display. It always keeps you updated about your driving speed and the speed limit of the area. The app shows you the remaining distance along with the time that you will take to reach your destination. The app also features Geo Tagging and voice navigation that tells which motorway exit you need to take and which exit can be taken from the roundabout. But you will have to pay for the app if you want to take advantages of special features such as Head-Up-Display that projects navigation onto your windshield and Black Box Video Recorder that records what is happening on the road.

Find your way through gps-app-techpanorma

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2. Google Maps : The Best Navigation app of All time

(Download Link : Google Maps : The Best Navigation app of All time)

Google is known as the world’s best search engine and popular company for its innovations. So, how can we ignore Google Maps when it comes to GPS navigation apps. This app comes preloaded with the android smartphones.Google gives the service of Google Maps for free of cost and it is available on Google Play Store. Google Maps gives you direction by voice guidance GPS navigation for walking, cycling, driving and public transport. It helps by telling all the details about live traffic conditions to make your journey safe and fast, and alters your route if there is an incident.

get your location via google-maps-techpanorma

The Google maps has accurate maps of 220 countries and territories that makes navigation faster and easier more than it used to be. The app also good for users who don’t have their own vehicle or they want to use public transport. The app houses public transport directions for 15,000 towns and cities, and tells you the timing of bus, train, ferry etc. along with the journey time. It provides street view and information about more than 100 million places. But some of its features are not available in all countries, so you better check the all features once you get the app.

find the hotel. way through google maps-techpanorma

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3. BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS

(Download Link : BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS)   Price: $12.99

Do you like to go on adventures? I guess most of you love adventure, but we need GPS navigation to get there if it is far from our locations. So, we can get a GPS app to make it easier, but some apps do not work without internet or cellular data, and most of the apps do not give us a single hint about fishing, hunting and hiking places. So, BackCountry Navigator is the GPS application that solves all the problems. An offline outdoor navigator is also available if you are tired of those signal problems in hills or out of coverage area.

BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS

BackCountry Navigator is powered by topographic maps that allows us to go off road by giving navigation for roads as well as for off roads, and the Topo maps are available in many countries including Canada, US, New Zealand and Japan. The app is very useful when you get stuck in dense forest, and recommend users who love to go for fishing, kayaking, hiking, camping, etc. The application is capable of suggesting a perfect camping site or the returning back route to the camp with GPS, treks on inland lakes, snow sports and SAR (Search and Rescue). So, BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS is the adventure guide.

4. Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

(Click here to Download : Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic)

Yes, it is possible to get connected with other drivers who are using the Waze app to share traffic details, so the app can alter the route as conditions change on the road. The app uses Facebook account for sign up and gives you the exact location of your friend if he is using the same app. The Waze live maps feature voice navigation, and consistently updated and edited by Waze map editors. The app gives alert about police traps, accidents, road closures and police cameras. Users can find or share the cheapest fuel service stations on their way, and the app gives points as you share the traffic information.

Waze social GPS Maps & Traffic-techpanorma

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic is the best example of battery saving application, the app will   automatically close if it is being used in the background and you have not driven for a while, so there will be no use of GPS that will save battery of the device. The app allows users to add Facebook friends and contacts can also be synced. The Waze Social GPS is all about community and improved daily driving for all.


(Click here to Download : GPS ESSENTIALS)

GPS ESSENTIALS is the best app for you if you want to get a complete GPS tool. The app lets you make your own dashboard in which you can setup 45 widgets. The app has many features that guide a mountain climber about the climb, declination, longitude and latitude. It shows the actual and maximum speed of the area in which you are driving. Users don’t have to Google the sunset and sunrise timings as GPS ESSENTIALS provides these details in dashboard. It shows your waypoints in a camera heads-up display view.


GPS ESSENTIALS comes with a compass which shows current target, the orientation of the earth’s magnetic field and arbitrary tracking angle. There is another compass, which is marine oriented. The recorded tracks can be seen on the map, and exported KML files can be imported into Google earth, Google Maps and others. It also allows to import KML files from Google Earth and other. There are many formats including KML, KMZ, GPX etc. for waypoints that you import and export.

6. Polaris Navigation GPS

(Download Link :Polaris Navigation GPS)

Polaris Navigation GPS is called the powerful navigation system for off road, and the app gives full navigation even if you are in a jungle. The Polaris is absolutely free, and does not require any internet if you download its offline maps. The GPS navigation is not only available for off road but also for city streets. The Polaris package includes a standard GPS parameters panel, altimeters, odometers, speedometers, way-point and trail navigation protocols as well. But users are supposed to select different map source as per their convenience such as Google Maps, Cycle Route Maps, Vector Maps and other.

Polaris Navigation GPS-techpanorma

The Polaris GPS navigation is successful wherever you go for outdoor activities including boating, hunting, mountain biking, sailing etc. The unique features of the app are military coordinate finder which is done by using MGRS (Military Grid Coordinate Reference System), and a customizable unit that supports marine navigation.

7. Maverick GPS Navigation

(Download Link : Maverick GPS Navigation)

The Maverick is same as the other offline GPS navigation apps, and it supports OSM Public Transport, so the users can use the app for GPS navigation and public transport timetable as well. There is a feature called Trip Computer that can show the speed, pitch, altitude and other values.But some unique features including unlimited waypoints and tracks, lock compass for bearing, UTM and OSGB grids, FourSquare support is available in the Pro version that costs $10.33.

Maverick GPS Navigation-techpanorma

The app allows to share the address and GPS coordinates of your current or planned destination. So, the Maverick is the great GPS navigator for people who love to go on adventure including geocaching, hiking, boating etc.

8. MapQuest: Most Compatible Navigation app with All Devices

(Download Link : MapQuest)

The MapQuest GPS Navigation and Maps supports live traffic updates, and sometimes act like a traffic police officer to help if there is any accident around you. It is capable of dealing with multi-stop directions and altering the route. The MapQuest gives trusted directions and traffic information that you need to have a safe and stress-free journey. Well, you can impress your family, friends and boss by reaching at the destination on time with estimated time of arrival feature and location sharing feature.


You can bookmark your frequent addresses, so you can get the GPS navigation just in one touch, and can even avail quick search feature for place of interest around you in the favorite categories including restaurant, gas service station, cafe and more.

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9. MapFactor: GPS Navigation

(Download Link : MapFactor)

The MapFactor is a free GPS navigation app that uses OpenStreetMaps data, and does not need any internet connection when driving as it is installed on the SD card or internal memory. The app gets updated every month for free of cost, and it is also free for PC, WinCE and Pocket PC. There are no language barriers as the app has voice navigation in different languages. It gives a realistic view in 2D and 3D modes, even changes the color of the display depending on day or night time navigation.

MapFactor -techpanorma

I guess, this is the one of the very few apps that gives a voice warning when you come nearby any speed cameras. Different GPS navigation modes are available for pedestrian, car and trucks. Its features allow you to add your favorite routes and location, you can also use route avoidance to block off any road that you don’t like just because of bumps or any other problems.

10. Wisepilot : The Fastest 3D Naviation

(Download Link :Wisepilot )

The app is as wise as its name, and the service of the app can be availed for free without even any charges for updates. The Wisepilot procure GPS navigations in the whole world by using OpenStreetMap that is frequently updated to provide correct information. So, the users can feel safe without worrying about the wrong or right route.


Premium users can get the benefit of live traffic information and over speeding camera alerts. You will be shown all the travel details on the display, including estimated time, distance and average speed. It has a long list of features, and its interesting features allows you to download the data to keep it on the cloud to access it whenever you want. So, you can also try this app when you are going away.

If You need more advanced GPS navigation apps then you can download Waze GPS Navigation app from Playstore.


Final Words

As the development is expanding everywhere, the roads and routes are becoming more complex. Nowadays, It has been very tough to find the right way without navigation apps. Some of navigation GPS apps are free and some paid, but it’s up to you which one suits you. We found out some good apps for you, which might be useful for your family and friends, so don’t forget to share the post on Social media accounts. If you find our list interesting and useful, then share your opinions in the comment section.

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