Best Apps for Teachers using iPads in the Classroom

Ever since I was a kid I used to carry heaps of books and notebooks to school on my shoulder which always created a ruckus in my mind, teachers used to carry our books in their hand and teaching us in the class, we used to carry pencils, erasers and all other fancy new tools in our bag, I am sure all of us would be familiar with this scene.

We always wanted to improve our education system with some innovating and captivating methods of using technology in the classroom, thank god in the age of technology we have improved system of education in the world, ever since iPads in education were introduced in the schools it has completely taken over the traditional teachings methods, in fact now students are more keen to go to school and learn new things on their iPads in the classroom which has made studies fun and interesting.

Every year parents spend hundreds of dollars over educational stuffs for their children’s and I personally find it very expensive and not so worthy, but iPads in the Classroom can eliminate many of the stuffs purchased annually and also save schools and parents thousands of dollars every year.

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Techpanorma is going to share with you 5 best applications for teachers using iPads in the classroom which will help them save both time and money they spend on teaching students.

Five Best Apps for Teachers using iPad in the Classroom

1. Notability

I know most of you will argue over this app that there are better alternatives of this app available for free of cost then why I am choosing this app as one of the best apps for teachers using iPad, well; I find this app perfect go-to-application for taking notes. Here are some of the features of this app-

  • You can create heap of workflow in this app to annotate, retrieve and submit work.
  • This app integrates Box drive, Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • If teachers have shared a document over Google Drive with their students, students can retrieve the document and push it back to teachers over privately shared folders.
  • This app simply reduces the use of papers in the classroom.
  • A student can open PDF’s from any website and open it in notability while annotate directly in the PDF.

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2. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is one of my personal favorite applications for many reasons. Here are some of the features of this wonderful app

  • This free app has a very simple user interface along with intuitive design.
  • This app allows teachers and students to access Haiku Deck presentations directly via the web as well as directly through this app.
  • While making a presentation students can search for images in this app only and embed it to their presentation, in this way you don’t need to search for images over Google.
  • This app also allows you upload pictures from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Picasa and Flickr accounts.
  • Students can also email and share their presentation over social media platforms as well as directly play them via their iPad.

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3. Edmodo

This is it! Hold on I am talking about this app, this is simply your one stop solution for all your needs. So without wasting any further time let me tell you some of the features of this app-

  • This app comes with one of the best clean design with simple user interface for both students and teachers.
  • This app allows teachers to set up multiple classes at a time and connect, share documents with their students, they can also share assessments and other important documents in different classes at the same time via iPad.
  • Since middle school iPads do not travel to home with the students this app comes very handy to students because they can access this app at their home as well over the internet.
  • This app allows teachers to create small group projects in their Edmodo page.
  • Edmodo also allows teachers to connect their Google Drive instantly through this app and transfer documents quickly.
  • This is a free app.

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4. ShowMe

This is yet another exciting app for teachers using iPad in the classroom. So without any delay let’s get straight to its features.

  • This is free for dynamic creation of presentations.
  • This app allows users to connect their online saved documents and documents shared in this app simultaneously so that you can access both the database at a same time.
  • This app comes with all the levels of Bloom Taxonomy which allows teachers to create remediation options, references and create lessons for their students review.
  • Most importantly it is free of cost.

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5. Google Drive

We all are aware of this application which is famous worldwide but let me tell you I would not have endorsed this app for iPad a year ago because of its poor functionality in the iOS devices, but over the years developers of Google apps have made this app quite friendly for iOS devices. Lets discuss some of the features of this very well know app.

  • Google Drive is one of the finest app for students to learn the use of cloud as well as access and archive their work in many places.
  • Google Drive also allows users to share and connect with each other on a shared document in real time, this feature allows students to discuss a topic together from different locations at a same time, it’s like chatting with your friends on Facebook.
  • Users can also upload videos, pictures and other files instantly from their iPad and save them in cloud.
  • This app allows users to shave their documents on cloud and access it anytime from any device having internet connection.

That it! I hope you would have liked our article and it would have served your purpose to some extent at least, you can share your doubts and questions in the comments below. For more updates keep visiting our website. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and do share it with your friends. Have a nice day guys.


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