Top 5 Tracking Apps to Find a Stolen or Lost Android Phone/Device

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Smartphones have now become a necessity for today’s generation. Due to rapid changes in technology, people are now becoming more dependent on their smartphones for personal as well as official use. However, sometimes you might forget your phone somewhere or it might get stolen. In such cases you can make use of various tracking apps to locate your smartphone device. Here we have listed some of the best apps to track lost/ stolen Android devices.



1. Where’s My Droid


Where’s My Droid is an amazing tracking application that enables the users to track their mobile phones easily. Whenever your smartphone goes out missing, you can send a code to your smartphone through a text message that will make your phone ring even though it is in silent mode. Moreover, another code sent to your phone via text message will get you the GPS coordinates of your smartphone. In addition, you can also control your smartphone remotely by simply connecting it to the Commander option which is a web- based interface. Moreover, a Pro version of the app is also available that enables the user to capture pictures with the help of camera i.e. it might enable you to capture a snapshot of the perpetrator. Also, you can remotely lock your phone or remotely wipe the application in order to secure your data from any misuse.

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2. Plan B


If you are looking for an app that can track your lost or stolen Android devices, then Plan B is certainly the right app for you. Plan B is an android application designed and developed by Lookout Labs that locates your Android devices easily by making use of cell towers and GPS. The app then sends the location of your smartphone via an email to your Gmail. In case of some smartphones, Plan B can even enable the GPS on your smartphones to update you with its location after every 10 minutes.

For those users whose smartphones doesn’t have any such support, the users can use another number to text “location” on the missing phone and afterwards the details of the misplaced phone location will be automatically sent to the user via an email. However, if data connection is not available, the app will send the location of your smartphone via a SMS.

3. Android Lost


Android Lost is another marvelous tracking app that not only helps you in finding your missing or stolen phone even it will torture the thief. The users can make use of the web or a SMS to activate a alarm that will ring accompanied by a flashing screen, remote wipe the SD card, enable or disable the data, GPS and Wi-Fi connection and get their latest call list. This app also enables the user to capture picture from the camera of the smartphone and enable their phone to speak by making use of text- to- speech. You will also receive an email if someone changes your SIM card. Hope, this app will help you to track your stolen phone.

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4. SeekDroid Lite


This app also offers all regular features as well as remote wipes and locks, hide from view mode, ring alert even when silent mode is activated on the phone, SMS activation and GPS enabling feature. The user can also recover the recent call history and this feature can work even in the absence of a SIM card inserted in the phone. The Pro version of the app enables the user to keep a track on the movements of lost or stolen phone with the help of a history map so that the user can get the exact location of his device.

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5. Anti Droid Theft


Anti Droid Theft is one of the most popular and oldest existing anti theft apps that can be used to protect your phone by offering GPS tracking and many more security features. Anti Droid Theft is an easy to use app that enables the user to locate their stolen smartphones using GPS, track any changes which are being made to the SIM card and also views snapshots that have been captured by the phone by making use of the Web. You will receive email alerts in case someone changes the SIM card of your phone.

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If you are really interested to know that how to track stolen Android phone, then the post will be useful for every Android device user. If you find the post some interesting, please leave your comments here.

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