Top 10 Latest Soccer or Football Android Games, Apps and Live Score Apps

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Soccer more commonly known as football is one of the most popular sport all over the world. There are numerous sports played globally like hockey, baseball, cricket etc., but there is nothing that can beat the craze of football amongst the people. There are millions of football fans worldwide who love watching their favorite football teams playing and competing with their opponents. Some gaming freaks even love to play their favorite football games on their Android smartphones.

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One major problem that arises today is the lack of time. The People usually find it difficult to spare time from their busy schedules to watch the complete football match, but they are quite interested in knowing the ongoing scores and the status of their favorite teams i.e. whether they are winning or losing the game. So, to keep them updated with live scores and ongoing status of the game, there are numerous marvelous live score apps that enable the users to view live scores of the football matches on their smartphones. Also, for those people who are crazy for football and love to play it on their smartphone there are plenty of Soccer or Football Android games for them.

Here, we have shortlisted some of the best and latest Soccer or Football Android games and live scores apps that will be a great help in choosing the best app for all football lovers.


Best 10 Football or Soccer Games, Live Scores Apps for Android Devices

1. Football Manager Handheld 2015


This app enables the users to live out their dream of controlling and managing their favorite football club. The user has to take decisions regarding transfers, tactics and even taking charge of the game. The app comprises of a completely new and more practical 2D match engine that enables the user to analyze the performance of his team on the match field in a better way and thereby taking more rigid decisions.

The scouting agency feature allows the user to view and monitor a list of top 50 players in the game. Your team will also be ranked based on your team’s playing potential and performance in the match. The user can even keep a track of the all the awards, achievements and trophies won by glancing over the Manager Achievements page. The game features an improved user interface that makes management easier.

2. Live Score Addicts

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Live Score Addicts is a great app for quickly and easily checking out live scores of your favorite teams. This live score app comes with an amazing user interface. The user can check live scores, highlights; view videos of the goal scored, pre and post match interviews according to their convenience. The app even provides some additional information regarding missed penalties, injury breaks and woodworks shots. The user is also empowered to edit sounds for every notification like the lineup, video highlights, half time result, match reminder and many more. It also comprises of an upcoming option under match sections that displays the subsequent match of your favorite team along with the date, which is quite handy. The user is even allowed to set the frequency of the updates.

3. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

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FIFA-15-ULTIMATE TEAM-techpanorma

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team developed by EA SPORTS features more than 10000 players from over 500 approved teams. It also comprises of more than 30 stadiums and real leagues. The users can build and establish their own dream team and choose kits, play style, formation and much more for their team. This app is a great way for showcasing your management skills. The latest Quick Simulation mode enables the user to set up his team and start playing the match. If you are using FIFA for the first time, then you can begin exercising the basic controls like pass, sprint or shoot. Once you get familiar with them you can switch over to the classic controls like skill moves air through passes. This game gives you the real feel of a football match and the ground.

4. Live Football

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Live Football is the most realistic and fast app for viewing football live scores for more than 1000 football competitions all over the world. The user can easily find league tables, fixture lists and results of their favorite teams as per their convenience. The user can set the app to receive goal alerts, results, rankings and videos of goals. This app offers easy and quick access to live match scores. The user can even get access to the history of past football matches and matches to be held in near future. Using the app, the user can access and discover match summaries, team sheets, statistics, passers, names of scorers and carded players.

5. Flick Kick Football Legends

Kick out those old school games and enjoy playing Flick Kick, the latest football gaming app. The app takes Flick Kick to all new parameters by featuring more diverse gameplay, multi- level league structure, team creation and its management. Try out all the tactics like pass, save, tackle, shoot and a lot more for defeating your opponent team and become legendary. The game features astonishing and vibrant, lively characters. The user can also unlock new abilities and skills. In addition, you can even discover and assemble new players in order to establish an undefeated team. You can guide and manage your team to win the matches.

6. Sporee

If you wish to keep a track of the live scores of your favorite teams and receive instant and quick notifications then you must definitely go with Sporee. The app works seamlessly and load videos instantly, even if the user switches from one video to another. The user can easily search for a team to add it to his favorites list and track its recent scores and any upcoming matches. The notification tab enables the user t quickly take a glance of all the matches and then cleans itself automatically to remove all the mess after the match gets over and the user taps over an item for viewing it.

7. Soccer Kicks

Soccer Kicks is an extremely passionate free- kick soccer game to practice and enhance the free- kick skills of the users. The game will offer the user with full control and precise accuracy. The user has to flick the ball in order to kick it out. You can swipe on your mobile’s screen to bend the direction of the football while it is in the air. You can even gesture a curve on your phone’s screen in order to curve the ball. The game also comprises of a 2 player mode. It comes with stunning 3D graphics and high quality sound effects that make the game even more addictive.

8. Forza Soccer

Forza Soccer is a great app that enables the users to access push notifications, live scores, video highlights for over 420 football cups and leagues worldwide. Apart from being a live score app, Forza Soccer is concurrently altering the face of soccer by sharing and liberating the view and opinions of millions of football fans worldwide. The user is allowed to set alerts for his favorite teams and pin the matches they are interested in viewing. You can even receive detailed, personalized push notifications for a match or a team. You can view the pre match line- ups along with the formations and photographs of the player. This app offers fast and precise updates as compared to other apps.

9. Fluid Soccer

Fluid Soccer is an addictive game based on making strategies that showcases the real- time decision making abilities of the user. The game allows you to become the hub of action, i.e. you can call the shots and examine your strategic knowledge depending upon the ongoing on-field circumstances in order to defeat your opponents. The game features easy controls that enable the users to manage and direct their teams easily by drawing passes and runs. Every level in the game is designed by the experts so as to offer the user a real feel of a football match. The game also comprises of a full hint system in order to help the user to face and beat the trickier challenges.

10. SofaScore LiveScore

This is another amazing live score app that also enables the user to view live scores of different sports other than football. The app provides all the stats that the user wishes for in an elegant package with customizable push notifications accompanied by video clips showing goals made during a match. SofaScore LiveScore is an incredible app comprising of a fast and intuitive user interface. The app also comprises of a text- to- speech option in case the user wishes the final results to be read out loud and clear.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best and latest soccer or football Android games and live score apps that can be accessed by the users completely free of cost. These apps enable football freaks all over the world to access the live score of their favorite teams and watch goal videos too, if they miss out the match of their favorite teams. In addition to it, we have mentioned some Android gaming apps for those users who are gaming freaks and wish to get a real- time experience of a football match. So, download these apps today and enjoy playing and watching football.

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