Super Mario Bros 3 Game-Free Download for PC (Windows 8, 7, XP)

Super Mario Bros 3 is quite exciting and one of the best PC games featuring the two famous characters namely Mario and his sibling Luigi, who have to cross different hurdles in order to rescue Princess Peach and the rulers of seven different kingdoms. There are several new characters introduced to the line of original enemies who will try hard to make your journey more difficult and miserable.

The new Super Mario Bros 3 game features eight new exciting worlds and also includes a map screen for every world separately in order to show which areas are to be completed first. On their way, Mario and his brother Luigi will find bonus rooms that offer extra items and lives that can be used by the users. The gamers will have to collect several items like stars, mushrooms, leaves, flowers and other power-ups that can be used before the start of any level that will make your survival against the enemies much easier. In Super Mario Bros 3, the characters can not only run and jump, but they can also fly with the leaf.

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How to Play Super Mario Bros 3 Game Online & Offline

Super Mario Bros 3 has got a two- dimensional gameplay that enables the user to control the characters used in the game from the viewpoint of a third person. In this version of the game, the characters can float and fly by making use of some special items. They can even slide downwards and perform new kinds of jumps in order to cross the obstacles that come their way. The main aim of the gamers is to save Princess Peach from the evils while overcoming all the difficulties that stand their way.

In Super Mario Bros 3, the gamers will have to progress in the game with the help of two screens that are a level playfield and an overworld map featuring each world separately. The gamers will have to complete different stages that will enable them to navigate through the overworld map as well as the succeeding world’s maps. Each world features a boss who must be defeated by the gamers at the final stage. This amazing game comes with a multiplayer mode that enables users to enjoy the game with their friends.

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Features of Super Mario Bros 3 Game

Super Mario Bros 3 is a quite exciting game and includes many new features. Let us now have a look at some of the incredible features of this game:

  • The gameplay of Super Mario Bros 3 is quite similar to the previous versions of the Mario gaming series. However, new power-ups for enhancing the skills and abilities of the character are some new addition to the game.
  • The amazing background music and sound effects incorporated in the game makes the game even more interesting and adventurous for the users.
  • Super Mario Bros 3 features the ultimate challenge of traveling through eight different worlds featuring over 80 areas in order to save Princess Peach from the hands of the evil.
  • The graphics and animations used in the game are also quite commendable. Many new villains or enemies are also being added to this version of the Mario gaming series.

How to Download Super Mario Bros 3 for PC

Here, Bluestacks formula doesn’t work at all because this game is not available on the Play store. However, you can download it directly from the below-mentioned link and can play as well without any app player. To download the new Super Mario Bros 3, click on this download link.


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