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Bose vs Beats vs Sennheiser : Which Headphone should you buy?

A must have requirement of the daily commuters and the passionate music lovers is a good quality headphone. The daily commuters who are travelling long distances on public transport always prefer to listen to their favorite tracks along the way. The only thing that actually stops them from enjoying their playlist is the high decibel noises and chaotic sounds of the surroundings. It has always been a major problem when you want to listen to the music on the go. Even at private spaces, the user may encounter a lot of disturbances from sounds like television, someone talking over the phone etc.

The headphones that come along with most of the mobile phones and MP3 Players are not equipped to cancel the ambient sound. An ideal pair of headphones must offer good sound quality and equally great noise cancellation feature. Now-a-days there are different manufacturers offering quality headphones as per the consumers needs. However, the major manufacturers who are fulfilling both the essential requirements are Beats by Dr. Dre, Bose & Sennheiser. All of them deliver studio quality sound at a different price and minor improvements and requirements with targeted design and technology.

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Beats By Dre vs Sennheiser vs Bose: techpanorma


The primary factor that will help you in comparing the different models of these 3 brands is comfort. Moreover, all these brands offer various models, but we are considering their top selling products only. If you are a heavy user then you can compromise a bit on the sound for comfort as long hours of listening on a good sound but low comfort headphone can be a pain. So to compare in case of comfort we will say that it is always better to visit the flagship stores of these brands and try the model you are interested in.

 If buying online, you can even compare the dimensions and weight of the model. The best models available today from Bose is Bose Quiet Comfort 15 , from Sennheiser is PXC 450 and the world famous Beats Studio from Beats by Dr. Dre. The three models that we have specified are all active noise cancellation models about which you can know better in the next part of the article.

If I have been asked to suggest the best one according to just comfort, then I would recommend to buy Sennheiser, which can compete all the headphones from Bose, Skull Candy, Beats by Dr. Dre. etc. However, You can’t underestimate the comfort level of Bose Quiet Comfort 15, but the choice always should be one and only best.


There are primarily two types of noise cancelling headphones that are available. The basic one is the Passive Noise Cancellation. These are the headphones that are cheap and do a pretty decent work when it comes to noise cancelling for indoor conditions. They cancel out the ambient noise by providing a thick cushioning over the ears and completely cover the ears and don’t allow the sounds to enter the ears. These are quite light weight and easy to carry headphones and all three brands offer these models. These are quite cheap when we compare them with the technologically advanced active noise cancelling headphones.

In Active Noise Cancellation the headphone caps are equipped with a mic on the outer body that are always on. These headphones listen to the ambient noise and provide a reversed pulse of this ambient noise in your ear cups thereby cancelling the noise totally. These are the models that are preferred by all kinds of users. It is really effective if you are going to use your headphones in a traffic area or places where loud noises are prominent. However, these headphones won’t be effective in case of really high pitched sudden voice bursts and mid-tone. All the above mentioned models are the best in this category.

However, Bose Comfort 15 comes out as a sure shot winner with its high-end technology and effective noise cancellation system. It provides a complete isolated listening. Next is the Beats Studio with its amplified output, be assured that you’ll attain the studio quality output and Sennheiser is equivalent to the Beats just the sound output varies.

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These headphones are made out for 3 different kinds of music lovers and other type of needs. If you are a movie buff and use your headphones for long hours with popcorn and a movie, then surely ‘Sennheiser’ is your choice as the comfort is decent and the output will surely impress you with the perfect balance of High and Low audio. The headphone is also good for music listeners who are using it in indoor.

If you are a fan of the loud boom sounds and want the bass to dominate your ear-feed then you should definitely be picking up the Beats Studio’ as they are designed to amplify the base in your music and movies and really give you the best bass headphone output available today.

The Bose Comfort’ comes out as a winner in both categories of comfort blues listening sessions and as well as for your action movie marathons. The headphones from Bose have a dedicated chipset that will vary the sound output in all tones and amplify the ones that are dominating the output. Your choice will surely depend on the kind of music that you listen.


The prices of these active noise cancelling headphones are surely a little high, although some cheaper options are also available with Passive Noise Cancellation. The models that we have suggested will be a little high on price, but then these are some of the best models that are designed for hassle free and comfort listening and you will have to invest only once. The Beats Studio and Bose Comfort are same in price tag that is $299, whereas the Sennheiser will be $399 headset. The price of Sennheiser is a little high as it is giving you a wireless headphone with the volume and talk controls over the ear cups. These are the added features that make it a little expensive.

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As you have seen, that all the three brands are the best in separate categories, so choosing a headphone is totally based on your choice of listening experience. We have found in our tests that Bose is surely a choice for all kind of listeners and Sennheiser will be a pick for those who are interested in wireless listening. Beats is a must have for the bass hungry listeners who are inclined towards heavy bass output. So, we are sure that you will be able to narrow down your choice after reading this article.

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