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Best Wearable Fitness Gadgets (Devices) which Take Care of Your Health

Health and fitness gadgets are the hottest trending items available in the market these days. This era has evolved from simple gadgets to the era of wearable health and fitness gadgets. Wearable health and fitness technology is grabbing serious attention from people due to their health-related benefits. These gadgets will probably transform medical care in surprising ways, revolutionizing science fiction to scientific facts. Nowadays there are numerous wearable health and fitness devices available in the market that enables the user to monitor crucial symptoms and signs.

Health and fitness are the topmost concerns for any individual. Staying fit and healthy often results in both physical as well as mental development of an individual. People who stay fit and healthy are active and enthusiastic in all the tasks they perform. Losing weight, burning calories, getting into shape, monitoring heart rates and other activities are some of the most difficult tasks for any individual. But if you are determined to stay fit and healthy, then here are some of the best wearable gadgets that will help you to get in shape for sure. These are some of the best devices that will keep track of your daily activities and thus will help you to stay fit and healthy.


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1. Samsung’s Brainwave

Some engineers at Samsung have developed a sample wearable gadget dubbed as the EDSAP (Early Detection Sensor and Algorithm Package) that can warn the users about any approaching stroke. A stroke generally occurs when the supply of blood to any part of the brain is obstructed by a clot or damaged by a bleed that results in the death of brain cells in the affected area. This device monitors the user’s brainwaves in order to detect early signs of stroke and thereby notifying the user about it via a tablet or smartphone app.


It comprises of two parts that are a headset comprising of built-in sensors that records the electrical impulses from the brain, and an application that analyses the data within a minute by making use of algorithms and thus determines the frequency of a stroke. Apart from providing warnings regarding probable strokes, this device also enables the user to monitor stress and sleep patterns.

2. Altra Halo Tech Shoe with Sensor

Altra Halo is a smart shoe that comes with inbuilt sensors that keep a track of your workout and thus helps you in improving. It features an inbuilt razor-thin sensor designed by iFitthat that helps in monitors and records data during your workout. It also analyzes your pace and then automatically sends data to your iFit GPS Watch or smartphone. Altra proclaims that the basic difference between Altra Halo and other performance metrics devices is that while all the other devices analyze data after a workout, this shoe is capable enough to provide instant feedback during workout thereby enabling the user to make necessary adjustments.

Altra-Halo-Tech Shoes-techpanorma

Unlike other devices, this device does not record usual stuff like speed, distance, etc, but instead mainly concentrates on your running paces aspects like ground force impact, foot strike zone, and cadence. In order to get access to all such data, the user has to connect their Altra Halo shoe either to an iFit Peak or Ridge Watch or an app that is available for smartphones.

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3. Mio Alpha 2 -Heart Rate Sport Watch

This is a smart sports watch that comes with several signature features from Mio Global. The Mio Alpha 2 is an optical heart rate monitor and also has an internal accelerometer to record and measure speed, pace, and distance which means that you are not required to rely on a smartphone anymore for tracking such metrics for you and can run freely. This device acts as a connected heart rate monitor for several other exercises and health applications on both Android as well as iPhone that enables the user to make use of their favorite workout or running application. This device can store workout data for up to 25 hours.

mio alpha 2-techpanorma

The device also features an indicator light that flashes 6 different colors that match the heart rate zones that the users have set in the application thus allowing the user to adjust their workouts accordingly.

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4. Garmin Vivosmart

This activity tracker combines activity tracking tools accompanied by long battery life. The smart notification feature will display notifications regarding emails, texts, and incoming calls. This premium activity tracker from Garmin also enables the user to record sleep time and various activities inclusive of swimming.


Garmin Vivosmart is basically designed in the shape of a bracelet comprising of an OLED screen that displays plenty of data like time, date, day of the week, distance travelled, steps taken, calories burnt. If the device is paired with the optional bicycle and heart sensors, it can enable the user to monitor bike speed and heart rate. By making use of this gadget the user can set targets and can also compete with their friends in order to earn virtual badges. It also features a move bar alert that will automatically vibrate every time the user passes an hour without walking.

5. Muse Headband

Muse Headband is a brain fitness or brain-sensing tool that generally works on a series of calming exercises. Supposedly, these series of calming exercises are aimed to chill out the user within few minutes yet providing benefits of a 30-minute yoga session nearly to the user. This device enables the user to improve their mental well being. Muse will offer you the advantages of a more composed and calm mind.


This device motivates the user to alter his brain and improves one’s ability to respond to various situations leading to stress. Also enables the users to improve their emotional state of mind and self control. The device synchronizes with an application and concentrates on training the user breathing. It is an incredible gadget that shows unbelievable results in just a three- minute session.

Final Thoughts

Health is of utmost importance. If a person is not fit and healthy, they become lazy and prone to various diseases. So, to remain fit and enthusiastic one has to exercise regularly. As per Soma Plastics, Keeping a track of your daily activities like running, cycling, jogging, workout, etc. will help you to monitor your daily results and making necessary adjustments in your routine so as to achieve your desired health targets. Therefore, the above mentioned are some of the best health and fitness gadgets that enable the user to monitor and improve their physical and mental health and thereby stay fit and healthy.

I am sure that you will be able to find the best fitness tracker to improve your health.

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