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Ultimate Smart Home Devices to Buy in 2020

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Its 2019 and we are living in the age of smart homes. What’s a smart home? A home full of smart connected devices, of course. But what are smart devices? Well to sum the Internet of Things into a nutshell, smart devices are modern counterparts of traditional “dumb” devices. These days a smart device can mean a lightbulb, thermostat, home assistant, and many more. If you thought life was good with cable and internet, you really need smart devices in your home. But since there are so many to choose from, picking the best ones can be daunting.


Top 5 Smart Home Devices

Finding the best products is easier than it used to be thanks to the internet and e-commerce. But it has also flooded us with too many options. Most people are constantly in choice-overload. Big-name manufacturers like Apple, Sony, Samsung, Philips, and others are in intense competition to win the smart device market. If the sheer volume of options overwhelms you, perhaps our curated list will be useful. Here are our top picks for the six best smart home devices in 2019:

  1. Nest Learning Thermostat – Looks Good, Works Better
  2. Amazon Echo – The Smartest Smart Home Hub
  3. Philips Hue – The 21st Century Lightbulb
  4. Logitech Harmony Elite Remote – Out of This World
  5. Netatmo Weather Station – Monitor The Weather Through Your Phone
  6. Smarter Coffee – The Modern Brew

Let’s take a closer look at these devices and what makes them so special.

Nest Learning Thermostat – Looks Good, Works Better

The nest is making waves in the smart thermostat market with its third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat. This is arguably the best smart thermostat in the market right now. The device is well designed and works seamlessly with other Nest smart devices. It works well with the most common boiler and heating systems and is fairly simple to use. But the best part about this device is that it learns as you use it. The machine intelligence built into the device adapts to your activities and schedule while saving you money in heating bills.

Amazon Echo – The Smartest Smart Home Hub

If you’re looking for the best smart home hub, then you should look no further than the Amazon Echo. It lets you control just about anything in your house using voice commands. It has perhaps the best smart home AI in the business right now. It recognizes tens of thousands of voice commands and works well with popular smart gadgets. There are several variant models including The Dot and the Show, but the Echo tends to be a solid addition to any smart home.

Philips Hue – The 21st Century Lightbulb

It’s the 21st century, so why are you still using that dumb old lightbulb. Swap it out for a Philips Hue smart lightbulb and get with the times. Philips is a leader in the field of smart lighting, and Hue is a fine example. The bulb works well with Alexa voice control as well as most modern smartphones. You have a wide assortment of shapes and sizes to choose your color bulb from. Light up your space in a smart, modern way.

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote – Out of This World

You could never imagine a remote looking as good as the Logitech Harmony Elite Remote. It has a sleek, futuristic design that appeals to the eye and touch. It comes with an integrated screen and works seamlessly with most smart equipment. The remote lets you control your smartphone from the comfort of the palm of your hand. You can set different smart devices to work together when activated such as at night or in the morning.

Netatmo Weather Station – Monitor The Weather Through Your Phone

The Netatmo Weather Station comes with an indoor and outdoor unit. These monitor the weather both inside and outside your home. They can record temperature, air quality, humidity, barometric pressure, and even noise pollution. It even lets you analyze all the data it records on your computer or smartphone. If you’ve moved to an unfamiliar area, this device can be just the thing for you.

Smarter Coffee – The Modern Brew

Smarter Coffee is the smartest coffee maker you can find in the market. It is compatible with most smartphones as well as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. According to Coffee Caller, the coffee maker has a complete bean-to-cup process that you can control through an app on your phone. Imagine getting the coffee running before you even get out of bed!

Smart home devices are the future of modern living. Modern living is not complete without a good cable connection. So, in that case, Spectrum TV plans could complement your smart living to a premium level. If you know of any other smart devices that should be on this list, leave us a comment below. Keep following this blog for more juicy tech updates.


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