Top Android Apps of 2019 Every Geek Must Have

Technology has been the best friend of geeks and most human beings since it was first adverted. Nowadays, people hardly get over the top android apps, without opening it for at least once.

Say suppose you need an early morning study before you go to college, and the intelligent alarm clock is just the app you need, or you may need it to write some really important note that a friend of you had just said (if your memory sucks!).

Thus, here are the top android apps of 2019, a geek must have to suit their bubble of high thoughts and needs:

#1 Feedly

Feedly is already popular in the community of the geeks as you can find each and every bit of information that even Wikipedia fail to give. With a single and organized interface, it allows you to maintain your favorite blogs and articles in a systematic way. It also saves your preferences, so that you can find the most relevant answer to your queries.

Moreover, it also updates daily news and insights on technology and provides exclusive news on marketing and another niche. It has a variety of most famous sites like backlinko and Quick sprout. The best alternative to Feely is Google Newsstand, but it is not as expandable as Feely.

#2 Google Chrome

Now most of the mobile phones nowadays, come with this app installed by default, in case if you don’t then install Google Chrome this instant! Google has almost made our life impossible without it and the new voice assistant is more unique and user-friendly. Imagine just tapping your finger and speaking to your voice assistant google.

Not only that, you can make it do anything such as making a phone call, play songs and many other things. It is a far better browser app with many features. However, sometimes the servers are too heavy to load. So, the suggestion is that you keep an alternative browser such as Mozilla Firefox and UC Browser, which are user-friendly too.

#3 MoneyView

This app is also for the geeks but the ones who are happily inclined towards finance. There are many things you can do on MoneyView. It is one of the best money management apps you could ever come to and not only that, it is also one of the top android apps of 2019, as per the app geeks.

It not only allows you to manage your personal finance but also provides you suggestions on how to invest it in different money-making policies.  The app automatically detects your SMS and gives you insights and balances on each of your bank accounts. You can even set reminders for bills and premiums that you need to pay. You do not need any security as it is an offline app mostly. Not only that, if you are an Indian user, it will also show you the working ATMs near you.

#4 Juice SSH

The term SSH means secure shells, not that you need to hear it from anyone. Geeks love this app. The main function of JuiceSSH is to connect the remote system access with the remote server if you are working on a project. A unique example of this is the raspberry pi.

However, it is a paid app, so some of the features are only limited to the free version whereas the others can only open if you buy the premium version. The juice is considered one of the best android apps of 2019, considering you are ready to pay the extra cash. There are numerous features and plugins which make your work easier.

#5 Authenticator

Most of the apps on your mobile are important and in order to keep them away from intruders and illegal hackers, you will want Authenticator like nothing else. This app is a two-factor authentication app, which encrypts your data and other apps so that it can never be hacked by anyone.

After you scan the QR code, you’ll be given a six-digit verification code and you can use that password to login to your account. It is a really useful app for everyone, especially top business people, who keep their information in the phone. Moreover, besides the other apps itself preventing our personal information from being exposed, an extra layer of security will not harm anyone.

#6 TVShow Time

 Often geeks are known to watch many tv shows which are based on facts and history. To feed our geek friends TV Show Time is one of the ultimate android apps of 2019. You can easily add your favorite shows that you want to watch and it will remind you of the time of the show and stream it online for you. The responsiveness of the app is really awesome and it is also very much compatible with mobile phones.

Not only that, but you can also like and give your own comments about the shows and its episodes. It is a great platform form movie geek too gather around and talk about the most debuted shows and trending series. It does not take up much of RAM, so it comparatively safe to say that you can easily add it among the top android apps.

#7 WordWeb

This is a virtual dictionary consisting not only of the meaning of several uncommonly used words but also their synonyms and antonyms. The stalk of words is very detailed and wide and it acts as a pocket device helping you with your vocabulary.

Plus it has to be subscribed and the spec is much bigger so you will have to worry about that. But the app is known to be most useful among the college-going students and literature geeks.

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#8 StumbleUpon

If we are talking about the top android apps and we do not talk about StumbleUpon, then it is a sheer mistake. This app is not only important but it is already trending among the geeks for its wide variety of features. It is basically a different search engine where you will get almost any and every article relevant to your niche.

You can easily become an expert from and influencer hereby also adding your expertise and blogs and by following other stubbles as well. Digital marketers are guessing that is it going to be one of the best social media platforms solely based on content marketing. So easily, it is one of the best android apps of 2019 and the years to come by.

#9 Prank Call Free
Prank call your friends and family by using the Ownage’s Prank Caller App, for wholesome fun to your heart’s content!

These apps are known to device the future of the internet world. After all, change is brought by people who are willing to think about it, discuss it and engross their ideas about it.


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