Christmas 2014

Top 10 Unique Tech Christmas Gifts for Men & Women 2014

Hello readers, Christmas is just around the corner and Santa Claus is all set to give out gifts to people all around the world, if you are also planning to be a secret Santa and bestow gifts to your tech-savvy friends or relatives then you are just at the right place, as we are going to tell you 10 perfect tech Christmas gifts for women and Men’s interests that you can give to your loved ones this year.

Best Christmas Gift ideas for Men & Women

  • Lenovo Powerbank 10400mAh- Rs 1979

This is just a perfect Christmas gift for anybody who is using Android phone, this power bank can come very handy when you are away from home and needs to charge your phone, and you can use it for 3-4 times a day.

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  • ePromoters 8GB Wrist Watch- Rs 2599

ePromoters 8GB Wrist Watch comes with Spy Camera and Mic for Audio-Video Recording + 8GB Pen Drive with USB 220v Charger, USB cable(buy from This is a perfect and completely unique Christmas gift you can ever give to someone.

  • Google Chromecast – Rs. 2,999

This is simple one of the latest and out of the box gift you can give to your loved ones this Christmas, this is HDMI dongle which can turn any LED, LCD television into a SmartTV and allow you to stream videos, pictures, audio and other files from a range of other devices.

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  • Apple EarPhone with Remote & Mic– Rs. 1,999

This is yet another trendy and classy tech product you can gift to someone who is always on a go when it comes to music or someone who is always busy talking on phone even while working.

  • NSD Power Ball- Rs. 1490

This is another exciting tech gift you can give to your techie friend, this ball is perfect workout for arms and wrists as it can spin upto 10,000 RPM speed.

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  • Soleus Go Activity Tracker Fitness Band – Rs. 8300

This is one of the finest tech cum fitness related gift you can give to your loved ones this Christmas, this device measures how much calories you have burnt throughout the day and how much you have walked along with monitoring your sleep.

  • JBL Charge Speaker with Bluetooth streaming Rs. 5990

This party starter comes with 12hrs battery durability along with 6000 mAh capacity, it also has Bluetooth streaming, LED indicator and mobile device recharging jack. This all in one speaker perfectly sets the party mood anywhere anytime, therefore it’s surely one of the best tech Christmas gifts a secret Santa can gift.

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  • Roccat Lua – Tri-Button Gaming Mouse- Rs. 2250

This is one of the finest gaming mouse you can ever purchase, for all the game lovers this is a perfect product to gift this Christmas. This device comes with 3 Buttons, 1.8 m USB Cable Length, R2 Pro Optic Sensor, 1000 Hz Polling Rate.

  • Logitech UE Mini Boom– Rs. 8,999

I have used it personally and trust me this is one of the finest and cutest musical speakers you can ever buy, this device runs on Bluetooth and you can connect your phone, laptop or any other Bluetooth device with this speaker and groove on the music.

  • Kindle Glare-Free Touchscreen Display Paperwhite  – Rs. 5,999

Another perfect gift for your bookworm friend who loves reading day or night, this product comes with Goodreads integration, Vocabulary Builder, Kindle FreeTime and most importantly touchscrren display without any inbuilt light. All natural display like you are reading a book.


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