The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for PC Review and Info

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is character- based fantasy RPG gaming series that revolves around the strategic combating skills of the player, their choice and a rich living environment that surround them. The game involves new mechanics that features a whole new dynamic world and makes living possible in it. As the gamers will travel through the world, they will face many challenges and will witness predators hunting their prey, many villages protecting themselves from dangerous monsters and much more. The players will have to hunt and collect different items based on their demand in order to make use of the all new in- app economy system where goods are available at varying prices on basis of their origin or conditions of the surroundings.

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The story begins with the invasion of the terrifying Empire of Nilfgaard to the Northern Kingdoms. The only way to survive is to defeat your enemy and liberate your Kingdom. Geralt of Rivia who is an excellent swordsman and commendable monster hunter will have to face new challenges and missions in this version of the game. The attack of the deadly and dark forces leading the tin- plated armies is referred to as Wild Hunt in the game. The main aim of the players is to eliminate these evil forces are the great threat to mankind and also brings gloominess to the world.

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Witcher 3: Wild Hunt looks like a quite promising game indeed. The users will have to explore the entire world thereby hunting monsters, NPCs for their interaction and many other activities. The new and improved mechanics makes the combat skills quite easy and effortless. The users will experience fast sword swipes, intuitive dodging and easy casting signs that are right away just at a button press. The improved combat makes the game quite indulging and impressive. The users can even make use of books and eyewitness accounts for finding the weaknesses of their targeted monsters in order to defeat them. The user will notice some new combat skills that are redesigned for combining the traditional elements of an RPG game with the speed and accuracy of an action- packed game.

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Features of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Wicher 3: Wild Hunt clearly seems to be an adventurous and thrilling RPG combat game. Let us now briefly discuss some of its exciting features:

  • Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features the impressive characters, unique surroundings, and locations. The users can explore 36 different locations and can experience the game in three different playing modes.
  • The users will have an option to complete different quests and story threads one after the other or in any other order. The choices of the users will lead to several consequences which will give a new twist to the story.
  • The game features stunning graphics, commendable animations, thrilling sound effects and background themes that make the game even more interesting and luring for the users.
  • The game even involves an inbuilt tutorial that will enable the users to get along with the controls used in the game quite easily and enter into the mysterious world of Witcher with great ease.
  • Each monster featured in the game possesses unique combating skills, different hunting challenges and response to any change in the environment.


Final Reviews

All in all, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an amazing RPG action game. This fantasy game is a real treat for all the gaming freaks worldwide. The vast and beautiful world featured in the game will leave the users besieged and will make them curious to discover what more is yet to come in their way. The characters featured in the game make use of impressive facial animations that brings life to them. So, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a boon for all the RPG series fans which involves a deep engrossing story which is surely worth a try. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is expected to break all the records in the gaming world and will probably be one of the best and most played games in 2015.

The Witcher III System Requirements

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The witcher 3 wild hunt trailer

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