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Tips for Keeping Your Laptop Safe When Traveling

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Whether you are traveling for work or for pleasure, you may want to keep your laptop with you while you travel. While most people advise that you keep your laptop at home so that you can enjoy a relaxing time away, you may feel more anxious without having your device in hand. Your laptop isn’t just a place where you can get work done, it is a great way to research the area you are traveling to, as well as keeping in touch with those from home while you are away.

However, if you plan on taking your laptop away with you then there are some precautions and tips you should follow to ensure that you keep it safe at all time. Travelers are often the targets of thieves and pickpockets due to their lack of knowledge of the area, so here are some of the best ways that you can keep your laptop safe while enjoying your trip.


Get a Secure Laptop Bag

It is important that you keep your laptop safe from theft as well as damage, as flying with a laptop can make it more likely to suffer cracks or scratches. Simply by rushing to the airport to catch your flight you could drop your laptop and cause irreparable damage. Therefore, you should invest in a secure laptop bag that offers your device a cushioned layer of support so that it is protected.

You can also get laptop bags that offer slash-proof fabrics and are tamper-resistant so that you can be sure nobody will be able to steal your laptop while you are traveling. However, you should always be sure to keep the bag on you, as leaving it unattended is an invitation to thieves.

Install a Tracking App

There are apps now available that offer tracking systems to your laptop in case you lose it or have it stolen. For example, if your MacBook is stolen and you have installed the Hidden app on it, then you will be able to track your laptop’s location while the app takes secret screenshots of the people who are using your laptop while it is out of your possession. The app will also log the keys that are used while the Mac is away from you so that you can know what information has been accessed without your permission.

Buy Insurance

Sometimes, no matter how careful and vigilant you are, things happen that are out of your control. So, whether you accidentally damage your own laptop or you have it stolen from you while you are away, having an insurance plan in place will remove any added worries. However, you should be sure to check the coverage that your insurance plan includes as some of them will only cover you for theft, while the damage that you caused yourself may not be covered. You should also check how much the excess charge on your insurance is, as this is the amount of money you will have to pay before claiming back on your policy.

Be Vigilant

While you can’t take your laptop with you everywhere you go, there are ways that you can be extra vigilant in order to keep it safe. If you leave your hotel room, then you should make sure that you store your laptop in a safe place (perhaps the hotel safe) and don’t leave it in view. You could also be extra careful and leave the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your hotel door so that you know nobody has entered your room while you have been gone.

There are many ways that you can keep your laptop safe while traveling and still having an exciting time!

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