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Best 7 Companies Providing E-Learning Services in India

E-Learning is, at present, a $100 billion dollar industry. There is no denying the fact that education sector has taken all over India by storm. Truth be told, it is booming at a very rock-steady pace. Since the olden times the education sector has proven immensely beneficial not only for the growth of the people but the county as well.

Students are nowadays hunting more feasible options. Traditional courses are things of the past, so students are forming a new perspective with respect to education. That is the reason why there are several companies serving students with top-notch E-Learning services in India.

This article shares the best 7 companies that provide E-Learning services in India.

  1. CommLab India LLP –

    CommLab India LLP is a top-notch learning solutions company that has consistently been catering to over 100 clients in more than 30 countries since 2000. They have come a long way from where it all began. For more than a decade, their expertise lies not only in the design but development of E-Learning courses.

Their learning solutions include:

  • E-Learning Course Development
  • M-Learning Solutions
  • Translation of online courses
  • Hosting and managing training materials on LMS

And many more…!

Based in India, CommLab has partnered with a number of esteemed organizations in diverse industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, insurance and finance. They take great pride in being the preferable vendor to many Fortune 500 companies, including Alcoa, Mettler-Toledo and Pepco Holding Inc. Moreover, it has established a persisting association with companies like SAI Global and Unilever.

  1. Paradiso Solutions –

A leading Silicon Valley-based E-Learning product and services company, Paradiso Solutions is strictly dedicated to serving their valuable customers with result-oriented e-learning solutions. These solutions benefit small, medium and large businesses as well as other educational institutions.

Paradiso Solutions, one of best e-learning companies in India, has introduced LMS that surpasses the ones provided by most of reputable companies in India offering first-rate e-learning services. Their LMS, loaded with great features, primarily aims attention at user experience i.e. both the administrator and end-user should be able to use it without hassles.

The company brings the LMS to you which effortlessly incorporates with a plethora of well-known applications like eCommerce (Shopify, WooCommerce), CMSs (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) and many more.

  1. Oye Trade –

Regarded as one of the top e-learning companies in India, Oye Trade is a professional company backed by 8+ years of experience in e-learning development.

Founded in 2009, Oye Trade, with the vision of providing end-to-end IT solution, offers e-learning development services for various industries, such as Health and Safety, Oil and Gas, Education & Training, Engineering and Maintenance and Manufacturing.

They offer a wide range of e-learning services, including:

  • Digital content development
  • Multimedia content development
  • Custom learning
  • Mobile learning
  • Customized Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Moodle setup, customization and trouble shooting
  • Blended learning solutions
  • E-books
  • Tutorials
  • Game based learning
  • Infographics
  • Instructor LED training

Offering an all-inclusive solution for premium featured e-learning website for your business, Oye Trade prides itself in being the leading e-learning brand in the education industry which is specialised for health and safety training. Adding to it, they offer a very competitive pricing for their e-learning development services with impeccable quality delivery.

  1. Finoit –

One of the top-notch e-learning application development companies in India, Finoit has been delivering premium quality IT solutions for diverse clients that represent education industry with the help of sophisticated technology platforms.

They mainly focus on designing as well as developing products and applications for startup businesses to first-rate businesses scattered around the world.

  1. G-Cube –

It is one of the fastest growing e-learning companies in Asia Pacific that offers across-the-board learning technology solutions under one roof. Established in 2000, G-Cube is a futuristic company that offers e-learning content as well as technology. Their services include consulting, mobile learning, microlearning, simulation, e-learning localization and many more.

  1. Shezartech –

Founded in 2001, Shezartech is one of the reputable companies in India creating E-Learning solutions for some of the blue-chip companies in the world.

Proud to be recognized as an expert provider of Game Based Learning and Assessment Solutions, Mobile Learning, Web Based Learning and so on. They implement up-to-the-minute technology with effectiveness for designing connected, interesting and competitively priced solutions so that their clients can achieve their business goals.


  1. Designing Digitally –

How does it feel to hire an award-winning company stringently putting emphasis to interesting and interactive mobile learning, custom eLearning and serious games? Feels good, doesn’t it? That’s what Designing Digitally, Inc. is all about.

Focusing on creating engaging and entertaining online learning experiences, they provide a lucrative ROI (return on investment) by producing unparalleled quality learning solutions and interactive training as well.

There was a time when prospective students laid emphasis on traditional courses and subjects as they were deemed to be the best by them. Considering the present times, things have changed for the better.

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