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Why Should Workmates Engage in Team Building?

The perfect team size is between four and nine. When teams consist of ten people or more, it becomes hard to coordinate, and this is a waste of time. The people in these small groups should be chosen randomly to socialize. A team should comprise of members from different departments to promote diversity. Moreover, it will lead to the creation of better communication channels since the employees get to interact with each other. The long term effects of carrying out team building activities for work are that it breaks the monotony that routines present, fosters strong relationships and trust among employees. Besides, it also results in quality motivation, which increases the morale of the employees towards work. As a result, this translates to quality services for the company and high revenues.

Team Building Enhance Relationships

Activities carried out during team building encourage conversations among team members, thus allowing them to explore the challenges they face in their personal lives. The connections that develop during team building enables employees to work as a team when they resume their duties since communication becomes easy to initiate. They also get to coexist as a family. As a result, team building activities for work foster strong bonds for office mates, which reduces stress and pressure that comes with meeting deadlines and getting used to routines. Moreover, different departments’ workers learn to get along easily.  For instance, the customer service department gets to interact with people from the warehouse, which could help them develop long-term associations to spur them for a lifetime. In such a setting, employees with different experiences get to create networks to enhance the quality of their interpersonal skills and discover more about how to expand their careers by learning from their colleagues.

Team Building Help in Managing Conflicts

People come from different backgrounds and have varied experiences. It may make them disagree on some ideas and exchange foul words amongst each other or even engage in fights. However, when the employer organizes team-building activities, it enables workers to learn more about one another. They get to know how unique each one of them is in terms of personality, behavior, and the experiences that shape their lives. These small discoveries during team building activities for work help people to approach conflicts more amicably and focus more on their strengths rather than their weaknesses. Resultantly, they get to develop a peaceful work environment which has always been known for the success of any business.

What Are Some of the Activities that Enhance Team Building?

Team building activities come with unmatched freedom because people can play any game and set the rules according to their preferences. Some of these games include;

  • Singing games- people can choose a song from their childhood in each of the groups. They can decide to stop singing when it comes to specific lines in the song and those who break this rule become disqualified. When people fail during such simple activities, it creates humor and good times among colleagues.
  • Purpose Mingle-the game is not restricted to a specific number of team members. People can pair up in groups of five or four depending on the time that the team manager sets on the timer. As soon as the alarm goes off, the colleagues run from different corners of the room, finding mates to mingle with. From these small groups, they develop connections and share their experiences. There are many more such activities that your teams can play during team building activities at work.

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