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Facebook Ads: How To Generate More Leads For Your Real Estate Business

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As a real estate business owner, you’d know how difficult it could be to advertise your properties on a slim budget. And even if you extend your budget, the chances of generating leads could be uncertain.

Been this way? Worried, how to optimize your Facebook ads for more relevant leads? Well, this article is for you.

Keep reading to know how you can generate more leads using the same methods you’ve been using until now.


Appealing Visuals

Facebook is one of the leading social networking platforms. And also, it is the oldest platform that is still growing. Reports suggest that Facebook users are more likely to engage with visual content than written posts. You can use this feature to your leverage.

You’d probably be uploading and sharing images of the properties already. Take it a notch up and start using video graphics content. The idea is to engage the users with a variety of content types, so as to leave no gaps.

Local Reach Out

According to general survey reports, property buyers are more likely to invest in realties that are nearby. In other words, your buyers would be more likely to purchase a new property within their closest reach.

Since Facebook lets you run your ads within specific regional capacities, you can optimize your targeting for better conversion. Study user data from your previous campaigns. As the experts at suggest, targeting your audience locally could mean more business for realtors. So, you must also target your users in locations where the property is more likely to sell.

Demographic Targeting

For real estate businesses, the age group of the target users is one of the most important KPIs. To put this into perspective, most of the realty buyers are either above the age of 25 or below the age of 65. Of course, there can be exceptions to it.

Nonetheless, targeting a pool of users within this age frame can bring in more returns for your investment. For an even more targeted approach, you can use your existing user data to understand which age group shows interest in what type of properties. And accordingly, you can target the demographics for more sales.

Know Customer Interests

Last but not least, as for any business, staying relevant to the audience is the most rewarding branding strategy. Ideally, the users you wish to target on Facebook would be the ones looking for real estate investment. In other words, the chances of finding a buyer who wishes to live in the house would be minimum.

Rather than targeting a broader interest group, you should refine your interest optimization. In other words, it is better to target house flippers, rental property owners, and real estate investors on Facebook.

The strategies you have been using until now have proven good. But, they might not be sufficient for scaling up your real estate business. Perhaps, you need to think out of the box and create ad strategies that resonate with your target buyers.

With the aforementioned readjustments to your strategy, you can surely expect better returns out of your investment.

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