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Heroki is a fun packed action game developed by Picomy and Sega, which features many exciting worlds to explore. The story-line of the game is based on a boy who lives a calm and peaceful life in a beautiful village namely Levantia. However, soon the village is attacked by Dr. N Forchin. Heroki has to become the savior of Levantia and save the village from the evil plans of Dr. N Forchin and his assistant Vapor. The gamers can fly, simply walk on the land or freefall and fight along with the help of a propeller and wind while exploring the game. You even have an opportunity to develop new skills like Dash and Bash attacks or even make use of the power of the wind in order to solve the puzzles easily. You can even collect various power-ups like Aeroblade, Shield, Hourglass and many more.

There are four different world featured in the game that are to be explored by the gamers. The gamer happens to meet new characters in these different worlds and befriend them. Your main objective is to battle against plenty of unique enemies and discover new islands within Levantia in order to play mini-games and quests for earning extra rewards and points. So, get ready to fly into this beautiful world full of adventures and become the ultimate super sky guard in the village.

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In this tutorial, we will discuss following topics;

  1. Introduction to the Game
  2. Features of Heroki Game
  3. How to Download Heroki for PC –Step by step guide
  4. Download Heroki for Mac

What’s so special? Heroki for PC Features :

Here are some of the most exciting features of Heroki:

  • The simple and intuitive gameplay of this amazing action packed game makes it easier for the users to get along with the controls and story-line of the game.
  • The game features four interesting worlds for the users where they can meet new friendly characters and befriend them.
  • Heroki features stunning 3D graphics and animations which makes this game even more thrilling and addictive.
  • The sound effects and background themes incorporated in the game makes the game even more fun for the gamers.
  • Explore and discover new islands for playing mini-games and quests featured in them in order to earn reward points and items.
  • Collect power-ups and different items in order to increase the skills of your character.

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How to Download Heroki for PC via iPadian Emulator

Heroki is an iOS running game, so you need to download iPadian Emulator to run this app on PC. You must follow our step by step below mentioned method.

  • If there is no ipadian installed on your system, go to your internet browser and download the emulator through this site link.
  • Once the download and installation procedure is finished, go to your desktop and open the app player (iPadian).
  • Here, you will get ‘search’ option so start finding the game through the search bar.
  • Once the search result comes out, click on the download button and wait until it gets installed.
  • Now, you can have fun with your lovable iOS game –Heroki on your windows PC.

Note: The game is not available yet on Android, so can’t be loaded through Bluestacks. If you wish to enjoy this iOS game on PC, you must install iPadian Emulator on your windows system.

 Heroki for mac-techpanorma

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How to Download Heroki for Mac (Without any Emulator or Player)

Here, you don’t require installing any app emulator on Mac as it’s an iOS game and can be directly installed from Apple store. The game requires iOS 6.0 or above and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Download Heroki for Mac: App Store


The team of developers is working on inner part of the game, atmosphere and characters, and is almost ready to offer more enhanced and polished game to the gamers in the next update. The main character of the game is true hero who is on mission to save a village colonized by other propeller-headed residents. The game is truly exciting and addictive, and you must play it on the large screen instead of mobile-phones.

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