Top Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks will Make You Pokemon Go Master

  1. Make Pikachu Your First Pokémon

Getting Pikachu, the electric Pokémon as your first would be a great start. You will first need to sign up and create a new Pokémon Go account. You will then choose the avatar. The professor will ask you to use your Poke Ball to catch the first Pokémon. When you are in the game arena for the first time, Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur are the nearest Pokémon to you in the real world. However, that doesn’t mean these classic Pokémon are the only options for the first catch.

What you need to do is walk a little away from them; keep walking until you feel your smartphone vibrating. After a little while the three Pokémon will reappear. So, you will need to walk away again, and a couple of more times until you see the Pikachu; and this is how you will capture your Pikachu as your first Pokémon.

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2. Capture the Wild Pokémon Easily

When you run into a wild Pokémon for the first time, you will realize that capturing them is not as easy. But to advance in the game you must add them to your roster. The way you capture these wild monsters in the traditional game is not necessarily how you will capture them in this augmented reality game. Instead, there is a special mode to capture these Pokémon. First of all, when you encounter a wild one, let the camera turn on and make the real world your playing field. Let the Pokémon be the focus of the camera and observe the ring closely. The ring will change its colour and size. When the ring is smallest in size it is the best time to capture the wild Pokémon.

But do not overlook the colour of the ring. When the ring is green it is easiest to catch; yellow means moderate; red means that the creature is toughest to catch. Let the colour change to green and bingo!

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3. Finding the Wild Pokémon

The wild devils may be the most difficult to catch but when trained and evolved, they could prove pretty handy. But how do you really find the wild ones? The truth is that there is no definite way to find the wild area and you will have to bump into it. However, when you are close enough you might be able to get some hints. Use the hints so that you don’t just pass by it. For example, if you hear the leaves rustling beneath your virtual feet (on your phone), it might be the sign the wilds are nearby.

The more human friendly Pokémon are easy to find as they inhabit the same world as yours. Wild ones need to be hunted down and they are rare. You might even have to move away a bit too far from your current location to step into the wilds.

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4. Catching in the virtual world is easier

It might not sound as cool as having to catch the superimposed Pokémon into the real world. However, when your camera is on, usually it is much harder to catch the monsters. Unless, of course, you are okay spending a fortune on those paid Master balls, it is better you turn the camera off. You will find that catching the Pokémon in the virtual world is noticeably easier.

Hit the AR button at the top right corner of the screen to turn off the camera. Throwing the ball at the Pokémon sitting on the beach or staring at you in the woods looks is certainly more thrilling. But, to save on some Pokeballs, you can try this trick.


5. Catching the two of the same type is not as bad

The Pokémon appear very randomly throughout the game. Fact of the matter is that their appearance depends a great deal on location, time of the day, and landmarks close by. This is the reason why there is a good chance you might run into the Pokémon you have already captured.

Your first instinct might be to save on your Pokeball instead of catching another one of the same type. However, having duplicates in your roster has its own set of advantages. For example, if you are in need of a candy, you can trade your extra Pokémon for it from Professor Willow. The candies help the creatures during evolution and also enhance the stats. There is a ‘Transfer’ button to complete the trade.

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