Top 5 GarageBand Alternatives for Windows PC (Free & Paid)

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In this technology era, most music lovers would be familiar with the importance of GarageBand installed on their windows or Mac. The application helps to create professional‑sounding music straightaway in its own style.

But, through this article, we will highlight some of the helpful applications which serve as a good alternative for GarageBand.


GarageBand and Its Popularity

There is no doubt that this is the best software for creating music, and with the passage of time, GarageBand has earned immense popularity. This software helps you to create a wonderful song although the most renowned people from the music industry prefer this software to record a song or make one in their spare time. The disadvantage is that the application is accessible on iOS devices only and not to others. If you are also a music lover, but not using an iOS device then there are a couple of alternatives available.

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Download Best GarageBand Alternatives for Windows PC

Getting the best mac for music production can be difficult for many people. We have listed the best GarageBand alternatives for music production, which can run on your Windows 10/8/7 and XP.


Download from here:

Price: Paid – $89.95 with Free Trial


If you have been using or ever used GarageBand, you would be aware of one of the many reasons which make the application more popular with its huge library of loops which makes it also easy to create music. MIXCRAFT7 operates in the same pattern used by Garage Band does and the interface is also user friendly which a novice can easily get used to it.

There are verities of plugins included which you can easily use to pump up your music and add various sound effects and musical instrument effects. Moreover, you can even enjoy using the software to edit the video easily and make it the best piece of Garage Band Alternatives.

 2. LMMS

Download from here:
Price: Free


It is a free digital open-source music workstation that is made by musicians and for musicians and is available for the Linux, Windows as well as Apple OS X operating systems. With the usage of a simple interface, you can easily sequence, compose music, mix and automate songs and you can also fine-tune the chords, patterns, or melodies. With the usage of Piano roll Editor. You can find some interesting songs on the dictionary of easy songs and make your own remix using this music workstation.

You can also have the proper access through verities of instruments and editing effects mixing features to help you create the perfect song or the perfect tune or music.

 3. Music Maker Jam

Download from here:
Price: Free with In-app Purchases

music maker-techpanorma

Music Maker Jam is one in the list of the same free music applications available for Windows 8. With this application, you will be able to generate your own track in the fast and simplest way. It would also offer you a variety of features required to create the best in class music or song and that is the only reason it is considered to be a great alternative to GarageBand for Windows 8.

You can also choose from four types of available music styles and change them every month for free; you can expand your music library with music styles such as Hip Hop, Metal, House, and Techno.

 4. FL Studio 12

Download from here: FL Studio

Price : ($99 with free trial)


The application is available with a totally redesigned user interface and the newest feature set to help you create the best music. This software is popular and now you can also use the software for free on your Windows computer if you like it then you can upgrade it to the paid version any time you want and enjoy added editing features.

However, it is a workplace carrying lots of different features and options; it still doesn’t look cluttered because you know the place of the features you were looking for. The channels which are created easily, the menu, and the browser make it easy to do the required task with multi-touch availability.

 5. Reaper

Get from here:
Price: $60 with Free Trial


The only alternative to Garage Band left out on the list is Reaper which is another amazing music creating tool for Windows users it is free to download and is also easy to upgrade as per your needs and enjoy required effects.

Reaper is one of the greatest music-creating software but it is considered to be a bit complex compared to the other alternative options mentioned in this list. You can layer the already recorded tracks, edit the recordings and also add required effects to your tracks using the Application. Also, you can use Reaper themes to change its interface.

So, the above-mentioned apps are the best alternatives to GarageBand. All the music lovers who can no longer wait, now can download the best alternatives of GarageBand on their PCs and create their own music. If you want to learn to make music, check out this FL Studio Tutorial by Born To Produce.


6. Logic Pro X

If someone is looking for software that is capable of doing all tasks from creating music to professional editing then Logic Pro comes on top. Recently, the company has just launched the latest version of it in the market which is Logic Pro X. The software is currently available for iOS devices. If you wish to use Logic Pro X for windows then you can make it using an Android emulator.

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