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5 Hobbies for Tech Fans

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Everyone needs a hobby. If you are a fan of all thing technological, there are some things you should definitely try if to cement your love of all things tech. Hobbies allow us to take our passion for something to the next level. Who knows, you could even make some great friends out of it or find a new way to make a little money.


PCB Design

Printed circuit board design is a great hobby to pick up if you are a little creatively minded. You don’t even need that much tech to get started, just a computer and a decent software for PCB design such as the Altium Designer. Whether you want to create something simple or something which is entirely stylish, you can learn to do it all.

Amateur Radio Operator

If you are interested in getting on the airwaves, you should think about becoming an amateur radio operator. In the UK, this does require you to take a test to get the Foundation licence but it is easily done in a few weeks or an intensive course; just like driving a car! This means that you can then transmit and chat to people across the UK and beyond into Europe, all from the comfort of your own home.

VR Gamer

Virtual reality once seemed like the distant dream of sci-fi lovers but those days have now changed. There are several VR headsets available on the market for different prices which would allow you to fully immerse yourself in a new world. You can also fire up ports of beloved games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim to explore in the medium of VR or you can take a dive into one of the many other games created just for this platform.


Did you play Dungeons & Dragons in your youth? Well, not only has there been a massive revival thanks to the release of 5e and the popularity of web shows like Critical Role, there has been a growing community of people playing online. Even if you cannot find anyone nearby you to play in real-life, sites like roll20 will connect you with Dungeon Masters and other players so you can adventure to your heart’s content.

Star Gazing

While the other hobbies on this list look to future tech, star gazing is 100% old-school. People have been monitoring the skies for thousands of years and you could be the next one to do so. Grab yourself a telescope and head out to a dark hill-top to learn everything you can about the heavens. You can also find forums online with all the latest info about meteor showers and other points of interest in your local skies.

Any one of these hobbies allows you to branch out your interests and discover something new about both them and you. If you are looking for something new for you to try to keep you occupied in the evenings or at weekends, why not pick up one of these hobbies. What is there to lose?

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