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The Parts of an ATM

No matter where you go, accessing your money from your bank has become more comfortable with automated teller machines (ATMs) being almost everywhere. These machines have revolutionized bank transactions by allowing customers 24/7 access to their money.

ATM machines parts get integrated into a very complex system that secure protection against theft. Extra measures installed through several methods are not disclosed to the public. As such, ATMs built with durable materials guard against any physical alteration.

If you are a bank employee, there are certain instances where an ATM needs to repair or upgrade to secure protection. While many parts of the ATM vary from each bank, here are the necessary components that make an ATM work.

Card reader

Using the card reader is the first step to access your account. The card reader is usually on the right side of the machine. It is where you insert your card, and the transaction is then initiated. Right below is a photo that displays how the card should be inserted.

Display screen

The most prominent feature of an ATM is its display screen. Today, most of it already has a touch screen feature that displays the different transactions that you can use. Including these are cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, and fund transfer.


While most ATMs are already touch screen, a physical keypad still provides the medium to which you could input your PIN or any other numerical value. The keypad remains to be an essential feature since it keeps your PIN secure because they are usually covered. Unlike in touch screens where a person can easily see you type in your password, a covered keypad keeps that information private.

Receipt printer

The receipt printer is on the opposite side of a card reader. Banks issue receipts for every act done on an ATM so that customers will be able to have a hard copy of such transactions. Receipt printers are straightforward, and they have an accompanying green light that blinks as a signal that an issue gets furnished.

Card dispenser

On the other hand, the most intricate area for ATM machines parts is the card dispenser. It is connected to a vault inside the ATM that stores the money. A complex system guards the card dispenser since they are responsible for furnishing the money.

While specific security equipment is attached to it, its primary component is similar to that of a bill counter. It accurately counts the money one by one and dispenses the cash. Most cash dispensers have a light that functions similarly to a receipt printer, as well as a speaker that gives a beeping sound.

There is undoubtedly more to an ATM that makes most of it secure from any illegal attempt. Individual microchips contain security codes to avoid any hacking of transactions.

In conclusion, what everyone sees in an ATM provides a fundamental and straightforward idea of what happens inside it. Behind the screen lies a complex system that guards any attempt to hack it.

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